Do Not Retire. Re-fire!

April 3, 2012

A Harvard University research study involved two groups of 100 Harvard graduates between the ages of 65 and 75. The 1st group retired at age 65 while the other group continued to be employed for another 10 years. In the first group – those who retired at 65 – 7 out of 8 were dead by age 75. In the second group of 100 men who continued to work – only 1 out of 8 was deceased by age 75. According to Gordon Botting, “The Stew Pot”, 04 ’98.
Good people do not retire, they re-fire.

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  1. dan

    Both my parents are in their mid 60’s. They sleep and wake up early. My mom still cook our dinner most of the time. They ran their own auto repair shop. They said staying at home waiting the day pass by would make them more weak.

    I guess 4 more decades for me! hehe

    God bless Mr. Francis! =)

  2. liliosa

    I am impressed on this topic on how people see their retirement. There should be a better view on retirement, of not being ” useless ” but useful to the set of people who will need your service. It should be retired” refired” and not TIRED.

  3. douglas mormah

    A message on do not retire, re fire

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