Discipline, Mastery and Excellence

January 11, 2012

Transcription of the video:

Popular motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says it very very well. There are two ways to fail. One is which, “You think and never do”. The other one is that “You do but you never think”. Everything begins with a mind set. What constantly absorb you with your thoughts? You know what? What you think defines who you are and what you are, and the outcome is usually the result of your mindset. If you think about money all the time, you might look like money. It stinks. It’s not a very good thing. But if you think about disciplining yourself, mastering what you do, providing a work of excellence then guess what?
Money comes as a delightful surprise. And money runs after a person who is excellent. And then loser keeps on running after money and he never catches up. Here’s what I want you to do, you gotta think and do, you gotta do and think, and you gotta discipline yourself into becoming an expert and then work for higher cause. Work for mastery in your craft and always give more than what you are paid for. And then the money will come after you. Isn’t that a good deal?

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  1. Yayo

    a very good deal…..

  2. winifredo A. Caparros

    thanks for sharing …

  3. winifredo A. Caparros

    thanks for sharing. my continue to share your wonderful thoughts..you light up my directions more to comes.

  4. nestie

    Thanks for another great post,

  5. Carlo

    Thanks or this…!

  6. Mary s. Ang

    Yes, I still work hard to have money, but I am now interested to learn to discipline myself like Mr. Kong says that one must have mind set to work excellence in everything I do and later money will run after me if I practice.

    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you for your humility Mary. It is my hope that the seminar would be able to help develop people into their fullest potential.
      God bless you.

  7. Marlon P. Sorongon

    Yes Sir..I believe you…the passion of doing things perfectly makes an excellent result.

  8. danilo pura

    sir thankyou…
    thans a lot…

  9. ben gajudo

    Thank you. for that so well and meaningful thoughts on Discipline.may it fills the hearts of those who live with such perspective. God Bless more power to you Sir Francis.

  10. Francis Salvador

    november 7, 2012 – Thank you sir Francis! The country is a better place because of persons like you. I’ve heard so many motivators but you’re hitting what you preach -You truly inspire! I hope your website continually inspire more persons. God bless you more and guide you always, sir! – Francis Salvador , Sundance Direct Sales

    1. Francis Kong

      Thanks Francis.
      You are very kind. Have a great weekend.

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