Difference Makers Have Courage

May 14, 2011

Have you ever met people who are almost always late for work every day? Well this was what happened.

As the pretty office assistant, entered her office half an hour late her boss stood there with a mean look on his face said, “Miss Gomez, you should have been here half an hour ago!”

And Ms. Gomez gave a surprised look and said, “Why? What happened?”

One wag says: “My boss refuses to accept ‘the early bird catches the worm’ as a valid excuse for leaving work everyday at 2:00 pm

Another one says: “The trouble with being punctual is that nobody is there to appreciate it.”

Are you always on the rush?

I am. I rush from one speaking engagement to another.

I rush from one meeting to another and the terrible traffic in Manila really deprives people the opportunity of living a quality life.

I must have heard at least 2 speakers joking about this. They say that the 2 most popular nationalities in the work place are Russians and Argentinean. And there I was sitting down trying to figure out what he was talking about until he explained and said, “You always hear people say: “Rush yan!” or “Urgent yan.” And I kind laughed and agreed that it is indeed the case.


But famous author and popular motivational speaker Zig Ziglar offers us wise advice. In an article entitled “Difference Makers Have Courage,” Ziglar says:

Workers are basically honest and they are almost always at work on time.  However, for most workers, the last one hundred yards to get to work are pretty hectic.  There is the mad dash into the parking lot, the rush to the building, the clocking in, the sprint to the coffee pot, and the unloading of bags, briefcases and outer garments.  The work day frequently starts five to ten minutes after the paycheck starts.  Maybe in our country it starts a whole lot later. But Ziglar says: Typically, workers who are supposed to work until five o’clock usually do exactly that.  However, about ten minutes before five they begin to clear off their desks, pack their bags and slip on their garments or shoes as in the case of the ladies.  If video cameras were in place, we would be able to see these people in the three-point sprinter’s stance, ready to make a mad exit when the clock strikes five.  We would see them hustle to the car, jump in and screech out of the parking lot, complaining about the dangers of the freeways.  This approach creates unnecessary stress, reduces productivity, and shortens our life span.
Solution: Get to work ten minutes early and get that cup of coffee.  Go to your post and casually prepare your work station.  By starting time you can be in full production.  At the end of the day, work until five o’clock.  Then pack up and head for home.  It will be quieter and safer and you will feel more relaxed.
The benefits to this approach are many.


First, you’ll feel better about yourself because you’ll know you’ve put in a full day’s work.

Second, you’ll be more relaxed and able to accomplish a great deal more.

Third, you will impress your employers.

End of article.

But please allow me to add some comments to this.

That 10 minute difference means a lot of difference but what about trying to wake up a whole lot earlier by hitting the bed earlier the night before.

Turn off the TV, prepare your clothes and your things for the next day, read a book or listen to quiet music and then turn the lights off earlier than usual. This way you wake up earlier and can get to your work place not only on time but just a bit earlier too. Reduces stress and makes you a lot more productive than ever.

Traffic and work pressure is no longer a problem. Because had they been problems then there would have been a solution. They are now facts of life so learn to live with it.

I do. And then of course never forget to make time for prayer and meditation…it’s the only way for us to keep our center and sanity as well.


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