CNN Hero of the Year Finalist – Efren Penaflorida

October 8, 2009

Each year, CNN gives $100,000 to the winner (from a field of ten finalists – winnowed from 9,000 nominees from all over the world) of its “Hero of the Year” award. This year, a 28-year-old Filipino, Efren Peñaflorida, made it to the top ten.

Once in a while comes an excellent opportunity to showcase to the world the dignity of Filipinos able to turn tragedy into triumph, from adversity to opportunity.

I have voted for Efren Peñaflorida. And I will vote for him again… and again…

Maybe you would or should too.

Click here to visit the voting page for Efren.

Here’s the link to Efren’s story and his Dynamic Teen Company (the organization he founded).

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  1. Adelaida K. Miranda

    Good evening Mr. Kong,
    Its nice to know you’ve voted for Efren Penaflorida too. I got this info on him 2 days ago through my niece-in-law Ms Lotis Key-Kabigting from Minnesota.US.
    I forwarded it too to all my other relatives and friends. He’s amazing!! Saludo ako sa Pinoy, and I do hope we would continue discovering more hidden treasures amongst our Filipino brothers and sisters. Still more power to you also, for your dedication on your chosen ministry, imparting to your readers & listeners inspiring words and biblical truths. Am looking forward for more ‘Business Matters’ features, books and all. God bless you always!

  2. dan

    Voted for him!!!

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