October 24, 2008

Your reputation can be damaged by the opinions of others.  Only you yourself can damage your character. Says E. C. McKenzie.

And how right he is. Reputation is what people perceive you to be whether they are wrong or not and honestly, it doesn’t matter. May I suggest that you and I should work on our character and then our reputation will take care of itself.

Why is character important? Simply because many people have risen to their level of success because of their talents and skills and then they eventually fall because of their character.

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  1. beverly

    i agree with you. i always do. im not sure if ull remember me. but i was that girl who asked for your card at the cjbc held at the manila peninsula about a week or two ago. so,, uhm,, hi 🙂 this entry is so appropriate.

  2. Marj

    Hi Sir Francis,

    U never really fail to inspire us…This is from Tacloban City, Leyte. Hope we can meet you soon and listen to your beautiful delivery about life and everything we need to know…

  3. Jonathan

    Good day Mr Kong, I was part of the Developing the Leader Within You seminar you held last Oct 22 ’08. Thanks so much for that great seminar! In it you advised us to subscribe to educational podcasts, and I was telling my tablemates that I’d been doing the same thing for the last three years. And just now it struck me, do you have plans of publishing your recorded radio programs as free podcasts too? Because I think that would be great!

  4. hi sir,

    i had the privilege of joining the seminar which you conducted almost 4 years ago (feb. 2005) here in cagayan de oro. i bought about 6 of your books which i treasure a lot.. i had so much fun and learning from that seminar especially on leadership and on time and people management…i have always wanted to join another seminar like that one of these days…thank you very much for sharing and imparting yourself to us…i am your avid fan and book reader/follower…i am just so inspired by God’s wisdom in you…God bless and more power. To God be the glory…

    Dorcas menoc – bandiala

  5. marvin

    Hello Sir Francis, I am the one who assisted you in bringing up the table on the stage for your HP notebook, can you still remember? Thank you so much for your nice speech, advices, reminders and encouragements during the seminar at the University of the Immaculate Conception here in Davao City. I’ve learned so much from you in regards to the success of life in a Godly way and it reminds me in developing my skills as I continue of being a working student. I put you in my life as my model in my success.. You’re one of the excellent speaker. Hope to see you again..THANK YOU!

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