Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon

September 7, 2008

The next 2 days will be the most hectic days for me this year as 8 talks await me from Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon. As the plane touches ground The Ilocana and I will have to rush to the very esteemed Xavier University and speak to their faculty and leadership. And then there are the others lined up for me as well.

This means The Ilocana will have to hear me speak 8 times! Talk about patience, perseverance and love… :)Husband and wife were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversay:

Wife: Sweetheart, what will you give me this 25th wedding anniversary of ours? Husband says: I will bring you to China! Wife: Wow! That’s a great surprise……and what will you give me on our 50th wedding anniversary? And Husband says: I will go back to fetch you!!!

Not my case. It is important for me that The Ilocana is with me all the time. This is what makes our relationship grows over the years. Tell me about yours… 🙂

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  1. raymond jamero

    you have a wonderful piece in sharing about the happiness and success.It is true, real success should come along with happiness. True love teaches us that both can go as one. Nice piece of yours in today’s column in Philstar. We have to really find the people worthy of our love. On this coming December, I will marry the woman who is worthy of my love.
    More power to you.i will always visit your site.

  2. Francis Kong

    Thanks Raymond.
    And advanced congratulations and best wishes to the both of you! God bless you!

  3. joe vincent escaret

    I witnessed your talked in BSU, that was my first time to hear a speaker who greatly speaks before the audience. the students did enjoy the talked and i admitted I was one of them. Your lecture on How to become a Winner was indeed very enjoyable to listen. I wish I could be someone like you in the near futture. As future teacher, I wish I could have the talent the same as yours to speak before the audience or students particularly… sir francis, you inspired many people., thank you very much!!

  4. phoenix of the east

    hey sir ive been inspired by your talk in bukidnon….
    it gives me back my passion for studying because.
    when i was in elementary and i won quizbee after quizbee but when i reached 3rd year highschool the people around me always told me that i dont know how to enjoy life so i kept on trying to become “in” which until now has never happened. Anyway that is because there are no people that would associate with a “nerd that is why i almost became a “whatever” so thank you very much for givivng me back my passion for studying.

  5. phoenix of the east

    sir i hope you would live longer so that you can inspire more people promise you will see me rise once again.

  6. wind_phoenix9

    gud evening sir francis…..this is phoenix of the east. I would like to ask some tips on how to give a speech this coming friday na po. That is because I am the president of the Math-Science club. I am shy and I have past experiences on speeches that are disastrous. Pls. I need your help.

  7. gerson caneba

    sir, im sure you dont know me, but i know you pretty well, we have some common friends…my wife is a cerrer woman..she spent more time in solving her work problem rather than my emotional needs,cares tired of kakasubmit sa kanya. most of the time she end up winning in sealing certain important matters in the family..most of the time my idea didnt matters.. now i met a woman who gives amazing cares for me..not only her,including her family and intire relatives..i felt important..and loved..i juz wish i merried a woman like your wife na lagi sumasama sayo,sumosoporta sa lahat ng mga ginagawa mo. we have 2 wonderfull teenager kids..i need your advice sir..constructive and balance advice…can you help?

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