Business Not Scam

October 25, 2013

Doing business is not a one-way transaction wherein only one party benefits and the other party is left wondering why he or she has been taken advantage of. That is not business, that is a scam. Be honest and righteous in everything we do. I would rather sacrifice my part of the deal than to create a name and a reputation that would make people or clients doubt me as a trustworthy person.

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  1. Coco

    Hi Sir Francis, do you think joining a network marketing is a scam. I really don’t believe in this kind of business to make money since a lot of people I know tells me don’t join it’s a scam and only the upper line will make more and worse your taking advantage of others . I didn’t listen and I joined because a new found friend in FB tells me a lot of good things about it & beauty & wellness products that comes on it. They have strategy to recruit people. However after I joined I didn’t expect that I will not get any support/coaching on him and his team. I feel that I been lied & left out. Please help. Thank you and more power!

    1. Francis Kong

      Not all direct selling companies are scams to be fair. Especially those that are in the roster of the Direct Marketing Associations.
      But you need to do hour homework and check. Are they registered with the SEC? Do they really have products they sell or are they just making money out of recruiting people? Some times they have a facade of products that is sold many times more that its cost. (this raises up a lot of questions as well)
      If you happen to fall under a leader who does not support you but whose interests lie mainly in recruitment….either that person is a bad leader or simply that outfit is not reliable.
      Legitimate outfits are those that do not promise easy money in the shortest time, they sell products and just like any other businesses takes hardwork, marketing support, business strategies, and the whole package to make it successful.
      I hope this helps.

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