Build or Bust Your Career in 2009, Part 1

January 11, 2009

What is the more frightful horror movie or story you recall?

The Night of The Living Dead? The Zombies? Frankenstein Meets Godzilla? These stories and movies are nothing compared to the latest horror flick that is sending chills up the spine of corporate characters. And the title is: “You Are Redundant!” A double feature offered is entitled: “You’re Fired!”

The economic crunch is upon us all and if you belong to the blessed ones who still have a job, you might want to take heed of the following ideas that can build and not bust your career.

“Most of today’s managers have been taught with books which are out of date or out of touch with the realities of today’s business world,” says John McKee, author of “Career Wisdom.” “By following concepts or ideas which may have worked when the pace of change was slower and more predictable, they are unknowingly plodding a path which simply doesn’t work in an era of fewer people at all levels doing more than their predecessors.”

And you will be surprised that those who get the ax are those who have for years entered into self-destructive habits that have put them out of their jobs.

Building your career therefore start with the following healthy habits:


I know you are good with your computer skills but in case you haven’t noticed nobody’s using DOS system anymore. With so many people being declared redundant, it would not be difficult for companies to get younger, more eager and more skilled people who can’t wait to take over your job. And they are willing to receive a lower pay too. So attend seminars. Read books and update your skills.


The business landscape is constantly changing. Business owners are more than ever conscious of measuring their costs and investments. And if you fail to deliver expectations, you will be replaced. This is a guarantee!


It’s time to realize that the universe does not revolve around you. Drop that “Diva” habit and think “TeamWork and TeamWorth” instead. If you think like you’re the only person at work who can get the job done, your people will make sure you will fail and this will qualify you for the pink slip.


Nobody wants average and in fact “average” is a dirty word these days. So start delivering superior results. Under promise but over deliver. The day I began appearing regularly once a week on a popular TV morning show, I was told that they have a minute-per-minute rating or survey on every segment of the program. What a blessing to know that the segment we are doing registered high and this is the reason why I am still there. Do you know that business and professional fields are becoming more like the TV and Radio business? If one’s ratings go down, then it doesn’t take a lot of effort or guilt for business owners to have them replaced.


Those who harbor a sense of entitlement for simply having stayed with the company longer than others irrespective of the results they deliver are guaranteed to fall by the wayside.

The stakes are too high. The fact is that there are more people than jobs available so you better work on yourself more than you do on your job.

I’ve got a few more ideas for you so if you want to see the complete list then you will have to get tomorrow’s copy of your favorite newspaper as I complete these 2 part material on “Build or Bust Your Career in 2009.”

Leadership guru Dr. John C. Maxwell says: “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” And this is so true.

So building your career or busting it this year? Your choice.

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  1. ella

    i agree. i shouldnt limit myself with what i can still do to improve my personal brand and what i can still contribute to the company. this will benefit both me and the company that i am in. these tips will surely help me go to greater heights in my career as a teacher and a team player of the company. thanks for such nice insights, sir!

    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you and God bless you on your success journey!

  2. ronald

    so pleasant and in time for today. thanks for your life bro francis. ill be sharing this to our people

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