April 12, 2013

Flew to Boracay this morning for a talk; returned back to Manila this evening. Heard disturbing news that water is dirty. Is this true? If so why is this happening?
Isn’t it so sad if we could not maintain the blessing that we have been given? What would be your proposed solution?

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  1. Angel

    I believe that water all-over the Philippines are known to be dirty. Only davao city has the cleanest water and can be used as a drinking water…

  2. Rommel Borja

    Yes, it’s really sad not being able to maintain the beautiful blessings we have. We only realize it when it’s gone.

    Different programs, groups, movements, advocacies and what have you, these will not work unless it starts from “I”.. Individual…

    People will only realize what’s lost when it’s gone. As long as it’s there, people won’t care.

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