Are You Successful?

April 10, 2013

Successful people are not necessarily wealthier or healthier. They don’t necessarily have more education or more friends (although these can help!). Successful people lead richer, more fulfilling fives by doing what is truly important and meaningful to them. In other words, they live their dreams.
They know that success is a journey and never a destination. They keep on learning and growing.
Do you consider yourself successful?

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  1. ruperto nambio

    Do I consider succesful? In some areas I am, but not on the many areas. Like what you have said, “succesful people lead richer life and fulfilling lives by doing what is truly important and meaningful to them” There are people like me, an ofw as compared to others ofw, I can say I am succesful in some areas, but not at all. The success I am now has been a challenging one, that everytime I meet my own “kababayan” I like them to get involve financial literacies or financial management. This somewhat made my life self-fulfilling.

  2. ruperto nambio

    I learned in life that one cannot capitalize all the good things. To make life meaningful it has the ingredients of failures, so many trials to pass, so much things to learn, and so many things to be avoided of. In short, to make a succesful and meaningful life, one has undergo some kind of test whether that “test” be physical one or spiritual one. For me passing all the test in life and overcoming those test and then I can only say that life for me was a meaningful success. “Beautful pearls comes after the test!”

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