March 17, 2014

My apologies for a few day’s inconvenience as the page has undergone a massive re-design. My thanks to Russ and his team at Vgrafiks  for this wonderful concept. They’ve done a great job. These creative guys are truly competent and gifted. They surprise me with what they can do.

The page however is still under improvement and correction.

My sincerest apologies for the content written in the first person pronoun as it appears to be self-serving and proud but this will be corrected in due time. (This was part of the initial studies but will still undergo correction.)

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the new site.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. ethel

    Hi Mr. Francis, glad to receive posts from you again and for site’s new look. I was wondering why I haven’t received posts for days and glad that your site is back!!! Blessings always as you continue to empower others and continue learning along the way.

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