Another Life Lesson

August 12, 2013

Let’g go back to our lessons learned in life and not from schools before I go to our contract signing and my speaking engagement this afternoon…(has a connection to your inputs on the survey…)
A lesson I learned in life and not from school is this: Religion can never change the person from the inside out. It has to be God’s Presence working in the life of the person that causes genuine transformation that translates into productive actions and endeavours.
Your turn – share another lesson you have learned in life and not in school. thanks.

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  1. adrian

    Change of heart always starts within the person. People on the outside can help the person but they did not have the power to change the person. Conversion like Faith is a gift from God, truly the presence of God in one’s life can change a person. We must illuminate the presence of God in our lives. Best example is St. Paul, apostle of the Gentiles.

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