July 29, 2012

James Simpson, a young Scottish lad was born in 1811.
He was the 7th child of a Scottish family. Even as a young boy the entire family saw that young James was a genius. And so the 6 other brothers and sisters together with the father who was a baker running in bankruptcy pooled all of their resources together and supported James in his studies.
At the age of 14 he graduated from the University of Edinburough.
At the age of 16 he got his degree in medicine.
At the age of 18 he had his MRCS.
At the age of 28 he became a professor.
This young man could not forget an incident in his life.
He says that when he walked into his first medical classroom he saw a surgery in operation.
A woman found herself in a situation wherein one of her limbs had to be amputated.
And James said what happened in that room is something that he would never get out of his mind that day.
James saw that the limb was sawed and severed from its body and there was no anesthetic. Nothing there to help alleviate her pain. As this young woman screamed in unbridled (unbrydled) hysteria, he just stood there literally swallowing his own spit out of fear because he realized he was seeing such an agony he has seen for years as he gave his life to the medical practice.
But as he looked he built up one thing in his mind.
He was determined.
He determined that he will do something or he will make something that would help alleviate the pain during surgery.
One day he discovered chloroform.
And he administered it for the first time.
And the woman who gave birth, having been administered James Simpson’s anesthetic, felt so grateful and so elated she actually called her daughter, “Anesthesia.”
Victory for Simpson?
Yes. But as you look into his story further you would realize some more important events that happened to his life.
A little boy of his got sick. And despite his medical knowledge there simply was no way for him to cure his son and he lost him.
His closest medical colleague a Dr. Liston died rather suddenly.
Things like these began to break him and James began his search.
And in his search he found Christ.
And then his questions were all answered.
The principle is so clear.
Where there is pain you would find people searching for but where there is prosperity, you would find people clenching their fists at God.

Brokenness has its use in God’s economy.
And maybe this is the reason why there are people who mock God, clench their fists at Him and denounce everything that is associated with Him. Because there is no brokenness and because there is no need.
But the same person who refuses Christ is inflicted with a life threatening disease, the hardened heart humbled and softened would begin to seek Him. And I have seen this happen time and time again.
However, there are those whose hearts even grow harden when faced with pain. The clenched fists grow tighter and they drive themselves farther and farther away from God.
A mystery I will never understand while I’m here on this side of heaven.
I’m glad that many years ago I faced pain and I searched for Him and He found me.
It’s been years. And God has been merciful and faithful.
Seek Christ with all of your heart and you will find Him.
Let your pain usher you into His Peace and Comfort.
C. S. Lewis says: “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”
The question is, are you listening?

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