A Commencement Speech

March 29, 2009

If the name Danny Ignacio sounds familiar to you, then he should because Danny is the top honcho of Eton Properties. The moment you meet this person you can sense a warmth in him, unpretentious and gentle, Danny sent me an email one day that carries the following words:

Dear Francis,

Please find attached my graduation speech at La Salle Canlubang yesterday. As you can see, I drew a lot of inspiration from your books, newspapers columns and speeches. Thank you for the opportunity to have met a great person like you.

Best regards,

With his permission, I am featuring his speech because there is such a depth of wisdom and lessons to be learned:

Brother Kenneth, Ms. Lily Hope Mendoza, Ms. Karen Hebron, members of the faculty, administration officials, dear parents, graduates, ladies and gentlemen. Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat.

Napakalaking karangalan po sa akin na maging Commencement Speaker ninyo ngayon. Bata pa lang ako, pinangarap ko ng mag-aral sa La Salle. Kaya lang, pinanganak akong mahirap. But thank God I was able to fulfill that dream with my children.

My daughter graduated from St. Benilde, my son from La Salle Taft and my other son and granddaughter are now studying in La Salle Taft. When I could already afford it, I took up graduate studies in Public and Business Management in La Salle. I am very proud of my involvement in La Salle Canlubang. In 2001, I was a member of the Building Committee that was responsible for the construction of the school. Thereafter, I served as member of the Board of Trustees and then as chairman of the board until two years ago when I had to resign when I was hired by Dr. Lucio Tan to be the President of Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.

Bro. Kenneth asked me to share with you, dear graduates, my experiences which you may hopefully draw from as you progress towards university life. So today, please allow me to share with you four important values – the values of integrity, hard work, friendship and gratitude to parents.


Let me start with integrity. Princeton University is one of the most selective colleges in the United States, admitting only 9.25% of undergraduate applicants in 2008. In the “America’s Best Colleges” rankings by the Forbes magazine in 2008, Princeton was ranked first among all national colleges and universities. Its reputation for excellence is bolstered not only by its esteemed faculty but also by its students who pride themselves in upholding the highest academic standards and values.

A testament to this is what a group of students started in 1893, which has become the cornerstone of academic integrity in Princeton University. Implemented since then, the Princeton Honor Code places on the students the responsibility to observe full honesty in taking written examinations, tests and quizzes, as well as the obligation to report any suspected violation of the honor code. The exam instructor distributes the exam papers and gives the appropriate instructions, after which, he leaves the students to take the exams unsupervised and only returns to collect the papers. In turn, the students, prior to taking the exam, would write and sign the following statement on their exam paper : “I pledge my honor that I have not violated the Honor Code during this examination.”

This, to me, is the ultimate test of one’s integrity, which is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

I have worked for over 30 years in the real estate industry — as Vice President of Citibank, President of Philam Properties, General Manager of Robinsons Land and, currently, President of Eton Properties, the developer of the 1000 hectare Eton City very near this school. I have awarded billions of pesos of contracts. There are plenty of temptation in this industry, from contractors, suppliers and brokers. However, when faced with such situations, my parents’ words ring in my consciousness — you can buy almost anything, but you can no longer redeem your integrity once sold. I tell my contractors that the best gift they can give me is to give the company their best price, finish the project on time, and never compromise quality. My employers pay me well, more than enough for myself and my family to have a decent lifestyle. I am happy to receive such compensation only and nothing more. I do not owe any contractor any favor; therefore, if a contractor does not fulfill the requirements of his contract, then my actions will only be dictated by what will be in the best interest of our company.

Integrity is manifested through one’s commitment to be honest and truthful all the time. It is choosing and doing what is right and true, without the need to be prompted by others. John Maxwell said, “Policies are many, principles are few, policies will change, principles never do.”

Admittedly, the road to integrity is not always the easy path to take. There will be situations when you will have to make the unpopular choice or go against the norm. However, as my experiences taught me, the rewards are endless. You gain the trust and respect of your employer, friends and colleagues. More importantly, you feel no guilt and radiate a peace that only a clear conscience can give. You sleep soundly at night. As the French Proverb goes, “There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.”

La Sallians are persons of integrity. However, you will not be spared from temptations which will compromise your values. During these moments, simply go back to the values your parents and La Salle taught you and you will manage well. Your integrity that is ingrained in you will be your best bet against these external pressures and temptations.

So dear graduates, may I request you to raise your right hand. Ang hindi magtaas ng kamay, hindi bibigyan ng diploma ni Brother Kenneth! Now tap the person to your right. Sabihin ninyo – “Hindi ako mangongopya.” Now raise your left hand and tap the person to your left. Sabihin naman ninyo, “Hindi ako magpapakopya!”

Hard Work

I want to share with you the first secret to success — WAKE UP EARLY. As the saying goes, daig ng maagap ang masipag. The early bird catches the worms. That’s easy in elementary and high school when you have morning classes and you have to wake up early. As you go to college, your class schedule becomes flexible and less structured. Your nightlife becomes longer with parties and barkadas. Waking up early becomes a very difficult ordeal.

I developed my work ethics from my childhood days. Ang aking mga magulang ay nagtitinda sa palengke. My day starts at 5 in the morning. My mother and I will go to Paco or Divisoria Market to buy the goods which we will sell in Sta. Ana Market. I will then leave the market at 10 am to prepare for my afternoon classes. After classes, I would go back to the market and go home past 8 pm.

When I was in my 2nd year in Mapua, I worked in the school as a student checker. Ang trabaho ko ay mag-check ng attendance ng mga professors, kung present, absent o late. Pati sarili kong professors, kailangan kong i-report kung absent o late sila. 8-5 ang trabaho ko. I attended my classes at night and on weekends. The work ethics and the habit of waking up early that I developed in my early childhood helped me not only in getting my engineering degree but also in finishing at the top of the graduating class and subsequently placing first in the board examination.

Similarly, my work life had its share of challenges. In 1990, I was given the mandate to build Citibank Tower, a 33-floor building, with a budget of 55 Million USD. I had no previous experience in high-rise building construction, but I happily accepted the assignment. I woke up very early. I started my meetings at 6am. I studied very hard. I read a lot of books and consulted experts in the field. I was not afraid to ask questions – better to be ignorant for one day so I can be an expert later on. I hired the best contractors, architects, engineers and consultants. I am proud to say that Citibank Tower is the first world class office building in the Philippines, built by somebody who has not built a building before. My formula – I woke up early, worked hard and never stopped studying.

Francis Kong, from whose columns, books and speeches I drew inspiration for my speech, wrote in his newspaper column, “Success is never handed to successful people. They work harder than the rest.” My boss, Lucio Tan, starts his meetings at 5:30 in the morning. George Ty, the owner of MetroBank, starts his meetings at 7am.

Inspired by the work ethics of these taipans, I also try to set the example to my employees by waking up earlier than them and working harder than them. I typically wake up before 5 am and start reading my emails and browsing the different newspapers online. I am usually among the last employees to go home in the evening. However, I still try to find time to have dinner with my family and spend quality weekends and vacations with them.

Francis Kong beautifully sums up the correlation of hardwork and success. He quoted:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Tenacity is the key.”

“There are those who believe that with luck alone, one can be successful. This is not true. Success is never a one-shot deal. And then there are also those who believe that if you ‘believe enough, visualize enough, dream enough and discover the ancient secrets, you will be successful.’ Those who dream great dreams need to wake up and do some work.

“Because at the end of the day, it is still the one who wakes up a little earlier, works a little late, studies and learns new things everyday, is dedicated to his work, faithful to his family, connects with God in an intimate way and tenaciously deal with all the downturns in life, who will emerge successful.”

Dear graduates, please raise your right hand and tap the person to your right. Sabihin ninyo – “Gigising ako ng maaga.” Now raise your left hand and tap the person to your left. Sabihin naman ninyo, “Bumangon ka rin ng maaga!”

High School Friendships

Let me now talk about the value of high school friendship. Tignan ninyo ang nasa kanan ninyo. Tignan ninyo ang nasa kaliwa ninyo. Tignan ninyo ang nasa likod ninyo. Ke maganda siya o mas maganda sa inyo, remember these friends. These are the people who have known you at your best and worst. They have been with you through good and bad times, through triumphs and failures, through victories and defeats. They are those who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. They may stab you, but they will stab you in front with their frank and well-meaning words. These true friends may get in your way, but only when you happen to go down.

Exciting times await you in college and you will meet people from all walks of life. You will meet some who would influence you, and others also whose lives you would touch. You will spend time with people of similar interests, and laugh with those with the same sense of humor. You will find people who study longer and perhaps drink more bottles of beer or tequila shots than you.

You will continue to share many experiences with your newfound friends. However, during the low and trying moments in your life — your first heartbreak; flunking a major exam; getting fired from work; meeting an accident; getting seriously ill, experiencing loss in your family — your high school friends will be among the first who will give you comfort and support. They are not the fair weather friends who would only be there when times are good but will scamper away when situations turn unpleasant. Hindi sila pa-weather, weather lang. These friends have no requests nor expect any favors, except for the favor of your loyalty and friendship. They are the ones who punched the school bully after he pushed you; they who stood with you as you were caught by your teacher; they who helped finish your science project when no one else would; they who opposed your misplaced curiosity, but came to your rescue nonetheless.

So go out and meet people. Experience life as it awaits you. Nurture new friendships and relationships, but do not forget your real friends, your high school friends. Remember to thank these people who have helped you make this day possible. They will cherish your friendship as you do theirs, with no pretensions and vested interests.

So dear graduates, again, please raise your right hand and tap the person to your right. Sabihin mo sa kanya, “Hindi kita makakalimutan.” Now raise your left hand and tap the person to your left. Sabihin mo, “Hindi ko rin makakalimutan ang utang mo!”

Expression of Gratitude

Mike Healy’s story, “It’s the thought that counts,” told of three sons who discussed the gifts they gave to their elderly mother.

The first said, “I built a big house for our mother.” The second said, “I sent her a Mercedes with a driver.” The third smiled and said, ”You remember how mom enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know she can’t see very well. So I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Bible. It took elders in the church 12 years to teach him. He’s one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it.”

Soon thereafter, mom sent out her letters of thanks:

“Michael,” she wrote one son, “the house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house.”

“Gerry,” she wrote to another, “I am too old to travel. I stay most of the time at home, so I rarely use the Mercedes. And the driver is so rude!”

“Dearest Dennis,” she wrote to her third son, “you have the good sense to know what your mother likes. The chicken was so delicious.”

Remember – It’s the thought that counts!

I am sure none of you have gifted your parents with a Bible talking parrot. What then have you given them? When did you last express your love and affection for them? Have you thanked them for their sacrifices and gifts, most especially your education?

There are times when you may take your parents for granted. You get caught up in the day-to-day things that you lose track of your relationships with them. Often, you find yourselves arguing with them instead of exchanging stories or having a laugh with them. How many times have you argued about your spending time with your barkada instead of working on your school paper? How many times have you answered back to your parents when you went home past your curfew? Were you hurt by your parents’ words when you thought you were not at fault and your parents were unreasonably strict? Beyond the anger and the harsh words, did you care to stop to listen to what your parents were actually saying? When your mother nagged you to improve your grades or clean your room, didn’t you hear her concern for your future and wellbeing? When your father scolded you for staying out late or going out without permission, didn’t you hear his concern over your safety? When your parents grounded you for not behaving in class or figuring in a fight, didn’t you hear their desire for you to grow responsible and morally upright?

Apart from the material gifts your parents shower you, they also show their love through their words and actions. As parents, they may use a different tone or display a strict demeanor to express their love and concern, but it does not mean that they love and care for you less.

So on this day, I urge you to take time to listen beyond what your parents say and do. Instead, appreciate the messages that they want to tell you. Return their affection by showing them the love and respect they deserve. Thank them for giving you the best gift that a parent can give – the gift of the best education in this country, the gift of a La Sallian education. There is no better day than today to thank your parents for your academic achievement. So graduates, please show your gratitude to your parents by giving them a rousing round of applause. Palakpakan natin sila.

May I also request you graduates to raise your right hand and tap the person to your right. Sabihin mo sa kanya, “naintindihan ko na kung bakit strict ang parents ko.” Now raise your left hand and tap the person to your left. Sabihin mo, “Huwag ka nang pasaway!”


At this point, please extend also your gratitude to your teachers — they who selflessly shared their knowledge to provide you the best education possible. While you stand proud as La Sallians, they too stand tall as accomplished educators, having molded you to be individuals of integrity and value. Please also take time to express your gratitude to your alma mater, your home for the past several years, which provided you the finest training ground to explore your limits and realize your potential. Your gratitude towards your school would best be measured by the right path you will take and the moral decisions you will make from this day forward.

To the class of 2009, my congratulations. Animo La Salle!

Thank you very much.

Great speech Danny!

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  1. John Dennis Dolores

    The values of great motivational speakers and leaders like Mr. Francis J. Kong has influenced great leaders like Mr. Danny Ignacio…I am reminded that values are very important for leaders, I just hope that more politician will have such qualities to save the ailing economy and tarnished image of our nation. Mr. Danny Ignacio’s speech is truly inspiring. God Bless True Leaders like you.

  2. Gloria C. Castro

    What a great speech. Thanks!

  3. Vicki p. ganotisi

    You’re truly a great leader! Thanks for those inspiring words. God Bless and more success to come!

  4. ditas s. bautista

    dear kuya Danny,
    i am very much privileged to have known you and Mr. Kong too.
    awesome speech. it contained all the elements a speech should have.
    more than once that our school invited Mr. Kong as a speaker.
    for me he is the king of motivation.
    yours in rlc,
    sis ditas [nuclei 7]

  5. emma marilag

    there are so many great speakers and inspirational writers, yet there will only be one Francis Kong i know, who can influence me,,,,a Filipino by heart, he narrates his ideas well so easy to comprehend even an ordinary fellow coud follow,,malalim ika nga, pero hindi ka iiwang nakatunganga, he has this magnetic aura that let you stay and listen….

    i just wish the allotted time in UKG would be longer, parati ako nabibitin, it has been my dream to attend his seminar, kaya lang nasa Bicol po ako.

  6. regie l. pam, RN

    very nice speech of mr. ignacio. direct to the point . not boring, may konting comedy pa. my best regards.

  7. nick bansil

    very inspiring speech. WEEL DONE BROD.

    nick bansil RLC ’69

  8. Jojit Sese

    What a great speech!!! A Mapuan to be proud of!!!! Viva Mapua.
    Excellent inspiration from Mr. Francis Kong of course. Great job!!!

  9. jhsulit

    what an inspiring speech. i remember the first day i attended his class. we were all awed by his credentials but even more, i was surprised when he tried to impress upon everyone to be honest and not to cheat during exams. i didn’t expect such a lecture in a non-sectarian school – and didn’t hear one until my third year. after all, ours was a course where very few pass the quizzes and those who get one failure too many are kicked out on a regular basis.

    in school, one had to line up to: buy from the bookstore; get copy of grades; enroll subjects; pay at treasurer’s office… but because i always woke up early, i never had to line up at the registrar’s office praying that i wouldn’t be kicked out of the school! and, the early bird does catch the worm… i didn’t have a hard time passing the board exams.

    congratulations and thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to your fellow engineers.

  10. Billy EastBay, CA

    Good speech with lots of interaction to the audience…a typical Engr Danny Ignacio at his best. I have known Danny during my EE major years in Mapua as an instructor in my EEmath subject, his smiley face during class describes his character- a jolly good fellow!

  11. Noel Basilio

    If you can read this comments.. Congratulations for this great speech which is very real and inspiring. The last time we were together was one of the EE day during my senior year [34 years ago]. I was hit on your speeched that the only flunk I have is from your class telephony dahil ako ay nangkopya ng designed. In fact I thank you for failing me and I ve learned that I cannot shortcut things and get away with it.

    I have heard of your success from the great vine and I congratulate you. As for me I have been in California since 1980 and working as a Senior EE at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

    15 years ago I met one of our consultant named Nick Camaya, of course you remember him for he is also one of my professor.

    More Power to you and regards …
    Oooops you may remember me as in Game of the Generals..


  12. ely

    Are you the same Danny Ignacio who taught telephony in Mapua and worked at PLDT?

  13. Emy De Silva

    Very inspiring speech po delivered by a Mapuan!

  14. Emy De Silva

    Very inspiring speech po delivered by a Mapuan!

  15. emily p. queddeng

    wow! what a great and inspiring speech!! sana lahat, no matter what happens, will always do what is right…yes it will be hard..but by God’s grace, kaya natin..

  16. Danny Ignacio

    Hi Ely,

    Yes, I am the same guy who taught in Mapua and worked in PLDT. Regards


  17. Danny Ignacio

    Hi Noel,

    Are you the same guy who invented the Game of the Generals?

    Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that instead of being angry with me, you benefitted from my failing you in class. As I always tell my staff, it is ok to make a mistake but do not forget the lessons from that mistake. Everybody is entitled to commit one mistake as long as you learn from that experience.




    I am very proud to be associated with you at Citibank. Your speech is so “touchy”, which covers most of the core values in life and success. Having read your commencement speech on a Good Friday is so timely, after all, I had a colleague, once a co- member of the Citibank family took time to inspire our youth to practice integrity and respect which Judas did not, and whose action led our Lord Jesus Christ to the Crucifixion on the Cross. Be that as it may, I pray that the Risen Christ will continue to bless you in your daily endeavors.

    I salute you and more power.


  19. Irene P. Hernandez

    Hi Danny,

    Hope you remember me – Irene Hernandez from CSG Regional Audit (Norman Hacker) – I am happy and proud of your achievements being an associate and friend from Citibank. With your humble beginning, you are one of the top in your field.



  20. Tess Cruz

    Hi Danny,

    Great speech! You made me proud to be your colleague in Citibank. It is really unfortunate that during our stints as Citibankers, there are very few occasions to really get to know the core of the person you deal with due to the pressures of work , and the drive to deliver what is expected of each and everyone of us. Besides, Citibank as an institution, of which all of us are proud of, inculcated in us the value of hardwork as the only way to success. The downside of this is that , we got so immersed in WORK that I have never known what a great person you are until I have read your speech…sayang, missed that opportunity to get to know that in this corporate world where an excellent output is what is valued at all cost, there are still people like you, which is a rarity, that has your moral values intact and still deliver an excellent job!!! Well done, Danny!

    Best Regards,

  21. Sweety Jane G. Bello

    thank you so much what a great speech!!! I experience a lot of failures and I know how painful it is to fail but I learned from it…………. I’m now an early bird who catches the worms…. God Bless You

  22. JohnJohn R. Castillo

    Hello Sir Danny,

    Great speech … Very inspiring and motivating. It keeps my feet on the ground .

    I’m one of your Building Manager who handled Robinson Summit Building during your time as General Manager of Robinson Land Corporation-High Rise Building Division.

    More power and God bless you always..

    Maraming salamat po…

  23. Francis C. Gaspar

    Hi Sir Danny!

    Warmest greetings!

    I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to God, that there are still individuals who bridge the gap especially on these challenging materialistic driven society.

    Your piece is great! Very inspiring, in fact, as of this moment I am thinking of distributing it to my students as part of their notes for our class engagement.

    I am presently teaching at DLS-CSB SHRIM (School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management).

    Greater Glory to God in your inspiring life.

    Hope to correspond with you and learn more things.

    Maraming salamat po for your time.

    In His Christ’s Service,

    Francis C. Gaspar
    Resident Faculty

  24. harry

    Our beloved nation needs morally upright leaders like Mr Ignacio and Mr Kong.
    We don’t need politicians who pretends to be leaders.

  25. Ed Sitjar

    HI Sir Danny and Sir Francis,

    I just don’t know why I was almost crying when I was reading this article…It is so inspiring that I don’t know how to explain…I have been an avid reader of Francis Kong’s column in P.Star every saturdays and sundays…I even cut and keep all his column when archives section was not yet popular… he is one of the reasons why I love P. Star the most. To Sir Danny…it does not matter where you graduated or where you delivered your speech…what matters most is the message that you conveyed to us…more power to both of you…

  26. Herbert Gabales

    great speech, sir Danny!

    ‘brings me back to when we were working on the AIG/Philam Tower.

    warmest regards,

  27. Jerry Romero

    This is the most touching speech I ever read! Tears rolled down as I kept on reading it.

  28. benz

    sir! I really like your speech. It is very good. Can I pattern my speech in this speech of yours sir??
    thank you!

  29. Kevin Cruz

    Wonderful. To the marrow.

  30. Galileo V. Villaflor,Jr.

    Hi Danny, Francis,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring speech.
    Right now, I am preparing for my graduation speech as a guest speaker sa school po namin. Humahanga po ako sa inyo (I admire you as a leader, very good example).
    God bless you!


  31. Karina Alinsog

    Great! I learned many things from the speech of Danny. Sir Francis, thank u so much for posting. God bless you more and more. :=)

  32. Angela Carlos

    Dear Mr. Kong,

    I was moved by the beautiful commencement speech of Mr. Ignacio. Indeed, he was the best for the graduating Class of 2009. Kudos to him!
    Thank you as well for posting here his the copy of his speech. In fact, I am going to use this for my tutees who sometimes find studies a burden, their school work a form of punishment, their friends as the BEST PERSONS in this world (because they influence them either badly or in good sense) and their parents either boring or the “kontrabida” in their lives.

    I wish you and your staff the best!

    Thank you

  33. Mildred M. Legaspi

    hi Francis, thanks fo posting the speech about integrity. it helped me with my lessons to share with our trainees in the company where I’m working and with my G12 in church. I bought coies of your books too like:Just when you think you can’t do it… just do it; life’s work; only the real matters; and the early bird catches the worm.

  34. Mildred M. Legaspi

    April 1st, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    hi Francis, thanks for posting the speech about integrity. it helped me with my lessons to share with our trainees in the company where I’m working and with my G12 in church. I bought copies of your books too like:Just when you think you can’t do it… just do it; life’s work; only the real matters; and the early bird catches the worm.

  35. Bunny Sy

    Dear Mr. Kong,

    Thank you for posting. Just what I needed — Mr. Danny Ignacio’s words of encouragement. I feel energized and so excited to share it to my team.

    Good luck on your future endeavors!

  36. Jing Ancheta

    Great speech! Gives so much wisdom and thoughts to ponder. Thank you Mr. Kong. I have long wanted to buy your books but honestly have’nt bought one yet though i already have read two of them because my former boss at work used to lend me. I often visit your website though to read your posts. I even keep a note where i wrote down the quotes i take from your stories. Continue inspiring and i hope soon, i will be able to afford buying all your books.

    Thank you so much. : )

  37. Dennis Perez

    Among the very few people who get things BETTER DONE THAN SAID, such
    is a great leader in Sir Danilo E. Ignacio. As iron sharpens iron, DEI directs his man to sharpen another man . God bless Sir Dan,wonderfully and infinitely, in all his endeavors for Christ’s glory and purpose.


  38. brendanorberte

    thank you for posting it Sir 🙂 i learned a lot and hoping to apply it in my life.

  39. Reginald Arimado

    I will now wake up early

  40. goldee

    excellent speech. thank you po for sharing…

  41. Edelito C. Sangco

    Very inspiring speech. I can relate it to my first ever commencement speech to the Socorro National High School Class of 1986 when I was still a fresh graduate from college. Thanks for posting Sir. Keep up the good work.

  42. christopher balajadia

    bravo! naging speaker namn syasa siena college taytay.

    1. Francis Kong

      That must have been a long time ago. My how fast time flies.

  43. christopher balajadia

    from now on il woke early para naman maishare ko ang ganitong klaseng speech na nakapag papa inspire sa lahat.

  44. Maria Ivona Climaco

    To Mr. Ignacio and my favorite Francis Kong,

    In days time, I’ll be graduating form UST. With God’s grace, I am Magna Cum Laude.
    So, I browsed Mr. Kong’s site, purposely, to find inspiration, as I am writing a speech. Obviously, I came across Mr. Ignacio’s speech.
    “The early bird catches the worm”
    I am rarely the early bird; and even though I have encountered this phrase tons of times already, I still do not wake up early.. I still delay a lot of things.
    So I would like to thank Mr. Ignacio, because finally, the idea seemed to be ingrained in me after reading the speech. Perfect timing. Perfect delivery.
    So thanks again Mr. Ignacio I’m looking forward to meet you in the future.
    Thank you as well Mr. Kong. I can vividly remember when I finally met you last October during Kraft’s iTaste.
    God Bless you more and more power to both of you. 🙂

  45. melai34

    the best speech i’ve ever read…. it’s all in one! values… content… humor… and life experiences. it makes me remember the assignment i copied when i was in high school… i copied even the name of my classmate… the speech is so touching.

  46. renet limsiaco

    hi sir francis! i was one of the participants during your tacloban speaking engagement two years ago. i love reading your books. i am invited to deliver a commencement speech this march, i wish to ask a permission to use a portion of the speech shared to us by sir danny.

    thank you and God Bless.

    renet limsiaco

  47. renet limsiaco

    hi sir francis. i love the speech of sir danny> can i use a portion of it in my march commencement speech invitation? ty

  48. Vivian Dedace

    Hi Sir Francis, I am one of the participants during your Lucena City speech. I am invited to deliver a commencement speech, can i use a portion of Sir Danny’s speech and other statements you shared in your books. Thank you in advance.

    1. Francis Kong

      I don’t think he would mind. Go ahead please. thanks.

  49. Aiza

    Hi Sir Francis, My uncle is entillte to deliver a commencement speech and he ask me to made a draft of speech, can i use a portion of Sir Danny’s speech and other statements you shared in your books. Thank you in advance

  50. Felina A. Nillas

    To: Mr. Ignacio and Sir Francis
    Thanks for posting this. Can I share part of it to the graduating class in our town ,More power and God bless you both.

  51. Mariel Cayabyab

    Hi Sir Danny/Sir Francis
    May I ask permission if I can also use a portion of your speech/statement at my daughter’s graduation this coming week?
    I find it very inspiring and lively.
    Thanks and God bless you both

  52. emjay

    hi Sir francis, im still amaze on how you deliver your speech and how you talk, I am invited to deliver a commencement speech, i just want to ask for permission to used statement here in this speech as well as from your books. thank you in advance

  53. romel ubaldo

    hi sir francis. i love the speech of sir danny> can i use a portion of it in my commencement speech invitation? ty

  54. Jing Sandoval

    I find this quite inspiring. I am to deliver a commencement speech this Thursday, may I use some portion of this speech? God bless.

  55. aubrey mae m magsino

    i’m also running for valedictorian.
    sir francis,can i use the friendship line,sir??

    1. Francis Kong

      Not my speech but just quote the name of the person and it wouldn’t be a problem. thanks.

  56. noemi soriano

    so inspired as if im still a student listening to his speech…and amaze how he delivered dat wonderful speech…i would like to ask Sir if i can use the style of tapping shoulders on my incoming speech also…thanks a lot

  57. christian

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  58. Janice Payopay

    Hi Sir.What an inspiring speech!Can I use some part of your speech on commencement this march?

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    1. Francis Kong

      no problem But if the speech is credited to someone else I think you just have to mention it. thanks.

  61. sherwyn

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    1. Francis Kong

      by all means as long as it is mine and not from someone else. thanks.

  62. cynthia

    Sir francis, me too, I’ll be speaking on graduation day, please allow me to use some of sir danny’s words of inspiration and yours too..thanks in advance

    1. Francis Kong

      I am sure he won’t mind but you may want to give him credit lang. thanks.

  63. geraldine

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  64. susan r. baetiong

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  65. Ann Lopez

    Hi Sir. Can I use a portion of this speech as I was invited to be the guest speaker in Commencement Exercise. This is very encouraging, that even me got inspired.

    Thank You.

    1. Francis Kong

      No problem. Just give credit to the person who wrote the speech. thanks

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    Hi Sir, I was asked to deliver a Valedictory speech this March 25th on PICC. I was so inspired by your words and I want to share some of it to my batchmates. Would that be okay?

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      I see no problem here at all. God bless you and your speech.

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