12 Ways to Fight Depression Part 4

September 18, 2008

Fighting depression? It’s hard to face it alone.

Let’s look at tip number 8.


In our leadership training programs we stress the importance of having a mentor or the need to be mentoring someone. I am fortunate to be in the company of successful business people and we meet once every week, sharing ideas, praying for each other and as we find ourselves accountable to each other we are. Friendship is the greatest support system in the world. Make sure you have friends who are firm and honest enough to tell you not just the things you want to hear but the things you need to hear. My friends keep me on track. They share my burdens and they celebrate my victories. It’s a great depression buster just to have people there for you when you need it most.


Sulking in a corner is the worst thing you want to do when you are down and depressed.

The fastest way to get out of your head is to put it in a new project. Get into your hobby. Get those shoes on and shoot some baskets. Make yourself useful. Help out with your civic organizations projects and help make this country a better place. Take a course or try a new sports. It’s invigorating. Some people I know hit the crafts store or the hobby shops and as for me, I clean my cabinet and my drawers. A cluttered place only makes you a little bit more miserable. It’s also a good time to get into my hard drive and arrange and rearrange my files.


Trials and tribulations are times when great lessons are learned. One of the reasons why people make mistakes over and over is because of their short memory. They do not even keep record on the precious experiences they have gone through. When you read the records from the past you will be able to see your situation in a more enlightened way. Records are precious but most people take this for granted. I keep mine. It’s all recorded together with my prayer items and requests and when I look back I can see how God answered my prayers and I can relearn the lessons learned from my past experiences.


God is still in control and I am not Him. This is why when a situation comes that is bigger than what we can handle, sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing.

Tomorrow is another day. The tides will turn the situation will change but you just need to be alert and observant. Which brings us to tip number 12 as we conclude this series.


Ever wondered why The Bible says we are to welcome trials and tribulations? Out of these challenges our character is formed our faith is strengthened. This simply means that difficulties will come and sometimes depression hits as hard like a rock. But these are the times when we need to stay strong not on our own strength but on God’s promise that His plans for us is not for calamity but for our own benefit. There will be times when we cannot see God’s Hand but we can still trust God’s Heart. His love for us will never fail.

Depressed? Don’t we all.

Somebody says, look around you and you will be depressed. Look behind you and you will be obsessed but look up to God and you will be blessed.

So where are you looking my friend?

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  1. resalve

    mr. kong.. i hope you can help me with my problem

  2. Resty Flores

    Francis, I’m blessed for having the chance to hear you speak for at least three times already. Currently, I am depressed. As I read through your article regarding ‘depression’, I think I missed the part where I can learn to deal with a depression that I’ve experienced for a number of times already. I mean, the depression happened again for the same reason. I could say that, maybe, I wasn’t able to solve whatever needs to be solved the first time and I just managed to get through the depression then.

    Anyways, I pray God continue to give you the strength and everything it takes for you to continue this ministry you are doing, Francis.

    Be Blessed!

  3. nichole

    hello mr.kong! ^^

    i’m inspired with the speech/seminar you did a while ago in FEU.
    GAling nyo po. I’m looking forward to see you again and read your articles.

  4. Kaye

    Hello po Mr. Kong! It’s so nice to meet you. I’ve fun. May I ask something? I mean, i need your help. 😀 Just an advice if you still have time. Be my inspiration. All topics that you’ve said, you know, i’ve learned a lot. It taught me how to be a real and a good person inside and out. I will never forget all the teaching that you’ve said. I hope to receive some reply from you. I want to be like you someday.

  5. Jennifer Villena

    Hello po Mr. Kong! I hope to receive po some more inspiring stories in life because it would help me lot, tnx & more success sir.

  6. Chris R.

    Hi… Sir Francis
    It seems im failing at most time in this aspect of life
    How do I find true love partner?
    Situations are odds and nonconforming

  7. Sweety Jane G. Bello

    Hello Sir Francis,
    I’m blessed by your visit in our university (Visayas State University) when you talked about win or lose your choice,,,,,,,, Glory to God for the kind of person you are!!!!!!!! I’m convinced to change and its happening to me now i want the Lord to use me mightily just as He is using your life……
    looking forward to see and hear your speech again…. God bless you….truly a remarkable leader of Jesus Christ…

  8. chevy

    Mr. Francis,

    i just accidentally saw your article which one of my friend had posted in facebook got intereted and read it, you are a blessing, i admire you. i subscribe to receive an updates from you. your talks, speeches and advice are all great, i pray for you to have a good health always so that you could touch more people…..you are one great person………….tc

  9. Marilyn A. Binay

    I thank God for you! Thank you po!!! Blessings! 🙂

  10. Lia

    Sir Francis,

    Thanks much for the very well-written advice especially to me who is currently under this situation. Am an optimistic person but I need this inspirational reading materials to remind me once in a while.

    I believe you are an epitome of inspiration of excellence!

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