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377 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. mikkah

    hi Francis. i love your column on Phil star. actually, your column is the only reson why i go unto the business sec. you make a lot of sense…

  2. Jacque

    Hi Mr. Kong, I just read your article today at the Philippine Star. “Find people worthy of your love” You are a living testimony that can only come from God. You encourage people and help them pick themselves up (this one included) and live life more DELIBERATELY, POSITIVELY AND WITH PASSIONATE COMMITMENT. I was telling my husband as talked over a 2 hour dinner tonight that in our lives, we really are not in competition with anyone else, but mostly, if not all the time with ourselves. The only time we really live is when we live to love others and not ourselves. God completely loves us and takes care of us. All we need to do is to LOVE HIM first, then others (like we love ourselves). Everything just follows eh? No wonder you love easilly and encourage others to just the same. God Blest you sir. Press on! Love more everyday.

  3. donaldo

    WOW!!!!this was really a great afternoon after hearing a very inspiring message here in BSU from Mr.Kong. I too, wants to be a winner which made easy by the tips given.
    to Mr.Kong, God bless!& thanks…☺☻☺

  4. jovane legaspi

    hi mr.kong, i am one of the BSU student, I am there when you are lecturing to us. I very much appreciated of you. please give me some inspiring message, such a birthday gift for me…… tomorrow. Sept.10. … well, God Bless you sir….. here’s my email add…

  5. Rojessa Mae Astillo

    Hi, Mr. kong! hav a nice day. I am Rojessa, i was there when you talk @ the BSU coverd court. You r amazing. You know what, from that day on that i met you. i consider you as my mentor. I hope i can meet you again. Contenue touching other people’s lives n continue, being GOOD NEWS TO THE WORLD. God Bless you n ur family.

  6. dudz

    when it seems that i am lost. i just open up some pages on “only the real matters” and wallah! the anwer is there! thanks francis for sharing ur values and i salute you for making God first in your life! God bless and more power.

  7. bernadette salud

    my husband & i admire you very much..the way you speak so calm yet so full of knowledge..thanks for inspiring a lot of people in your segment in “ukg” GOD bless!

  8. Brian

    Hi Mr. Kong. I was very inspired with your talk at Caritas Don Bosco. Your references were also very funny and I hope you become even more succesful in the near future.

  9. Roniel

    your talk last thursday was fantastic. My mom appreciate your talk because my sisiter told to my mom everything that you said especially the tips on how you get a high grades whrn you are in collage. Thank you very much!>

  10. cathy [from caritas don bosco school]

    hi mr.francis kong:) im really impressed with your talk last sept.11,friday in our was very insipirimg for us teenagers. hope you continue inspiring other people with your knowledge.

  11. marko(froem caritas don bosco school)

    hi mr.kong ..thank you for visiting our school,caritas don bosco school…i have learned so much about you…that is why i want to be like you, because you are a winner and want to be a winner…THE

  12. joanna

    Hi Sir Francis! I’m really inspired with your talk yesterday in CDBS. I wish you visit our school another time! I really had an awesome time. God Bless you and your family.

  13. Dale Chua

    thank you for your talk in CDBS yesterday I pray that you may may have more good health so that you can inspire more people thank you once again and Godbless you.

  14. aivette:]

    hi sir francis,i really enjoy you talk in our school CDBS,you inspire us,young people about life and relationship,for the first time i didn’t become sleepy because of your talk and you were really great,it was fun listening to your talk,thank you very much,i hope you visit our school some other time(i will watch umagang kay ganda every thursday:])

  15. Elizabeth

    Hi Sir Francis. The student that sits behind you last september 11 on the forum, that is
    me!!! The reason why I post a comment to your website is because i want to say , “thank you very much !” i loved the talk very much. it was like your words hit me straight to my heart from what you said 1. dont stop learning. 2.our attitude is a very important thing in our life and 3. be responsible to yourself.. Thank you very much sir i was really inspired to your talk and my classmates as well.. Did you know that they keep on saying in our class that u really inspired them and they had even said that thats the only talk that they didnt sleep… hahah!! they also said that they also want to be a repeater in school. Really really inspired students. πŸ™‚ i was really really inspired too persue my dreams. my dreams to become a Great Doctor. Thank you sir, i know im not qualified enough (like a really smart student) but only not yet.. Sir i promise that starting now ill do hard on my studies and nevr stop learning.. thankyou very much sir.. im looking forward for your another talk with us.. pls.. πŸ™‚

  16. Janela Casaclang

    thank you sir for a good talk for us last september 11 in our school CDBS. i hope that you inspire more youth with your talks.

  17. Claudine ;]

    hi sir Francis! we really enjoy your talk in our school, Caritas Don Bosco. May God bless you always and may you keep on inspiring young people in living a good life. oh and by the way, this is the first time that students didn’t sleep on a forum πŸ˜‰ :p …

  18. vikko villegas

    tnx 4 the talk you gave us last thursday at CDBS. grabe, galing nyo po! you have proven to us that your a true WINNER. πŸ™‚

  19. Allea

    hi Mr. Kong…I want to thank you for the books that you favorite is the life’s works…but i got almost all of your books…i’ve been reading them since i was in grade school…the stories really helped me appreciate all the things that God gave me…i look forward on the books that you will be writing in the future….i was able to share God to other people through your books!!keep up the good work!!I always include you and your family in my prayers…God bless you!!!=)

  20. timothy

    hey sir francis I heard your symposium at bsu it was the work of a genius i hope that you could inspire more people i was not sleepy at all!

  21. irene17

    Good evening Mr. Kong!
    I just wanted to thank you about the seminar on Christian Leadership (San Sebastian). We really enjoyed it.
    You enlightened us with your inspirational stories… πŸ™‚

  22. Michelle

    Hello poh! Mr. Kong!
    Me and my fellow caritas bosconinas were very inspired by your talk. Probably the first talk that was ever done in our gymnasium with everyone eager to listen to your talk. We found it so interesting that we never stopped talking about it in school. I love those quotes you mentioned that really will hepl us value ourself more specially us girls.
    You were so good that not only me and my fellow students wanted you to give us another forum but also our teachers who enjoyed too you inspiring talk. Thank-you poh! and may you inspire more youth today!!!

  23. bOgsZ

    mr. kong….i would like to ask some help from you, it’s for my term paper as requirement for my management class in san sebastian college….it’s all about Filipino Managers….can i ask your ideas about that topic? on how they differ from managers from other nations….thanks po in advance….

  24. plem

    “your passion should be higher than your purpose”
    sir, thank you so much…your life is a great impact to a lot of young people…personally, i inspired by your talk when you visited BSU (bukidnon state university)…your not afraid to share about Jesus…
    hope to receive a message from you, sir…
    God bless you always!

  25. nia

    hi Mr.Kong…..Thank you for giving a talk at caritas don bosco it was so inspiring….hope you will have another talk in our school….

  26. chinkee

    Listening to you is one of the most inspiring thing that can happen in a persons life.
    My prayer is that you continually be able to bless more people in your life

  27. carlo

    sir francis, thank you for your generous help for Horizon and the seminar you and sir chinkee graciously headlined. God bless you a thousand fold!

  28. Jovy

    Sir Francis, helo po. πŸ™‚ I was one of the hundreds who attended the seminar you and Mr. Chinkee Tan were the speakers of last Saturday at SM MOA organized by the Horizon Ministries. I was just wondering, where can we have a copy of the music video you played towards the end of the seminar entitled “The Last of All Days” or something like that? I hope to share it to friends and loved ones. Sir, keep it up. May your mouth and life continually be used by the Lord Almighty. Thank you very much.:)

  29. Christian

    Mr. Kong, thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge to us who are not yet experiencing what you’ve experienced….

  30. rachelle

    hello sir i would like to thank you for those inspiring words that you have shared to us in san sebastian college. it was our privilige to know and hear from you, an alumni of the school. I was struck by your words of wisdom. May you continue to touch peoples life by your own true to life story. may you visit again our dear school and share new things for us to eagerly pursue our very own dreams…

  31. SPongebob

    sir i want to ask something it’s concerning my chosen career and i dont know what to do with it. my relatives also is pressuring me about it

  32. khaye of FEUpsychology

    hi Mr.kong thank you for sharing those best experience of yours.. it’s really great opportunity to hear a lot from you…hope to hear you once again..

  33. Dean

    hey!i’m a student from FEU. we’ll just wanted to say thank you for the message you gave us. it really touched me to the bones. it really made me realize alot of stuffs about me. so. thank you very much sir! hope to see again sometime. we’ll, keep in touch! ^^

  34. Mary Louisiana A. Cruz

    Hi Mr. Francis Kong! I’m a student from Caritas Don bosco School. The school you visited and gave a talk previously. last September 12 I think. I love the talk so much… And now I’m persuing to be a WINNER and not a loser.. πŸ™‚

  35. cindy

    Hi sir thank you for the wonderful message that you gave us its pleasure for us to learn more things about our lives it help us to develop more confident and become more competent one.. thank you so muchh.. from davao thank you for the seminar.. about practical parenting and excellent teacher..

  36. mj

    sir, your alma matter must be proud of forgot to mention in your talk the school where you finished your college return are proud of your school?

  37. George Lou G. Sayson

    Hi Francis! I read your book “Life’s Work” and it inspires me a lot. I often end up nodding my head in aggrement with what I read. We are actually making an Infomercial for your book. HEHE.. its been fun!

  38. cris L. Alcantara jr

    The first time i saw you in umagang kay ganda,im very amaze with your talent in motivating people for their different proffession.Inspiring people is gift that god gave you.thank you…

  39. cacai

    Hi Sir Francis,

    Last April Mr. Lorie Rivera called our ticketing agency and asked me if I know Mr. Francis Kong. Hesitant, I said “No” he said he will be bringing you in Zamboanga and he will introduce you to me, frankly it did not gave me any impression what so ever until I saw you in Umagang Kay Ganda since then you became a mentor and an inspiration….I realized that I should have asked further about you and made me a better person earlier than that segment in Umagang Kay Ganda. I am proud to have issued you and your wife your tickets to Asias Latin City – Zamboanga.

    Muchicimas Gracias!


  40. Gian

    Hi Mr Kong! I was part of the Leaders’ Circle yesterday (Oct 13th) at Bellevue. Until now, I still have the “Leadership High” and we’ve been talking about the fantastic training the whole day. THANK YOU so much for the concepts, inspiring words and tips πŸ™‚ I’m truly looking forward to the next training. (we’ll definitely bug our boss nonstop about it ’till he budges) πŸ™‚

  41. irmeena amil

    hello there, mr kong.
    i truly enjoyed your inspirational talk during our grand alumni homecoming last october 10.aside from touching our hearts and minds, enjoy na enjoy po talaga kaming lahat!! more power and God bless!!

  42. sean magsayo

    hi sir francis,

    I love the fact that my second name is the same as yours! πŸ™‚ nwiez, I’m 22 and I know I’m one of the million young people who admire your works. I’ve known who Francis Kong is after you delivered a speech during our University’s Commencement exercise @ MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology(if you still remember). Since then, your name registered on my mind and started reading your works. πŸ™‚ really great and inspiring!

    just came across with your official site though so i thought of dropping by a comment πŸ™‚ MORE inspiring work sir! God bless!

  43. Jean Cortez

    Your insights inspire me. Without you knowing it, you helped me alot in many ways. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  44. claudine guanco

    hi sir! been an avid reader of your column Business Matters and was fascinated by your talk in my hometown earlier this year.keep it up. you are truly inspiring and full of wisdom.

  45. Andrew Tan

    Mr. Kong! i got something to share.. I was a freshmen then when my professor asked us our top 3 wishes for the year. Every body answered high grades, dean’s lister and other petty things. I got shocked with one of my blockmate’s answer, it says there “WORLD PEACE”…

    Well it is very shaming that we are living in this world yet we do not even care to include in our wishes that there will be PEACE and HARMONY.. something to ponder on…….

  46. Tiffany

    Hi Francis,

    My mom is a big fan of your genius insights on strengthening spirituality and honing the resourcefulness of one person. And just as i was about to go to bed tonight, i found a cut-out of your article FIND PEOPLE WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE under my tv rack. She must have purposely placed it there just so when the time comes that i badly need something of that sort, it’d already come in handy. Anyhow, it struck me most. For so long now, i have given so much of myself to others, spent more of my time and money pleasing people, because i want them to see me tough and of power, even neglecting family time all because i valued those whom i know will look up to me outside the comforts of my home. These people that i have given all of me, are the very same ones who enjoyed watching me fall, already when i had nothing more to give. So much about people walking away from you when all you have is just your broken heart & soul and a depleting bank account.
    Well, here’s just to thank you for reminding me and so many others as well that being respected for achievements and whatever tangibles you can give out is very temporary, albeit fancy and dangerous. Now that i am struggling to start from scratch again, i can also start finding only those who are truly worthy of my love.
    God be with you and those whom you inspire.

  47. daniel bambalan

    hi francis..your books inspire me to enjoy my journey in life. i hope you make another books that helps our fellow filipinos forget their poverty state and encourage them to pursue life abundantly..God bless you and more books to come!!! πŸ™‚

  48. dinelle

    Mr. Francis Kong…. thank u for your inspiring words. I get to read the book you gave (if you can still remember), Im so thankful that I get the chance to meet you. ^^

  49. Oxie

    hi there sir Francis…still remember when you had a smnr.held in tarlac?well i’m one of the participants and even thou it’s just a few hours, I learned a lot from you….now i’m able to correct the flaws in me…..keep what you’re doing sir, inspires a lot of people….

  50. Josefino

    kablaaw kenka gayem sir…
    the seminar in tarlac was very good except the words you said about those who teach “balance”… the title of the seminar should have been “FOCUSing” not “Balancing work and family”… you might want to consider checking out P. R. SARKAR’S principle of PRAMA.

  51. elizabeth lara reyes


  52. Francis Kong

    Thank you for taking the time to write Josefino,
    P.R. Sarkar is the founder of Amanda Marga and maybe you find his principles work for you but it certainly cannot work for me who is deeply entrenched in a 24/7 environment embracing the Judeo Christianity principles for living.
    There is no attempt from my end to insult other people’s doctrine but what is important for me is for Filipino families to learn to creatively bond together, inspired to be more productive and help make this country a better place for our children. And as an educator you too wield a great deal of influence in the lives of the young people in making this happen.
    I enjoyed my time with you and hope to be with you again one of these days.

  53. ms. lilia

    Thank you for the time you shared with us. We enjoyed listening to you at TCC, Tarlac City ( Teachers Congress ‘O8) May God give you the wisdom and health to continue sharing with us your talent. Thank you sir!! God bless =)

  54. crisn


    Very nice site. Now I can read more of your inspiring stories. Your column is one of those that I read in The Philippine Star and recently I’ve included most of your stories in my blog.

    More power to you sir.

  55. michelle

    Hi Mr. Kong! I just want to tell you that I was inspired by your seminar in The Peninsula School. I also read your books, I hope that you will come back again next year to give us seminar. Thank You!

  56. Rose de la Cruz

    Francis: I have been listening to you from my favorite radio station, DZFE-FM and your short inspiring messages never fail to make me ponder a lot. Then, being in the same paper like you (I am a business feature contributor of Star), I also read with much delight whatever snippets and lovely quotes you give out. Where do you really get these messages? I always wonder. I know that like you I am gifted at times, but maybe you are more discerning than me which is why you can easily relate and translate such divine inspirations in everyday business matters. More Power. I hope to be getting more of your messages in my email and website. Please also see if some of the things I write about could find meaning to whatever teachings you have been giving to people like me. Thanks again and I hope to meet you someday soon. Rose de la Cruz

  57. ms. marie

    hi Mr. Kong.. i just want to “thank you” for sharing some inspirational experiences in your life during the seminar yesterday @ UIC Davao. your’e such a great and brilliant speaker. as a newly graduate teacher, i was inspired of your stories and i realized how important as teacher to mold the life of his students. just like your teacher “Mrs. Ramos” tell you honestly, that was the most exciting and enjoyable seminar i ever had… im looking forward to meet you again next time.. God Bless you and may you inspire more people just like me..Have a nice day!

  58. Leah

    Hi Mr. Francis, Thank you so much for a very inspiring training with you. Really i have become more matured in terms of work and dealing with people. and thank you din po sa photo-ops with us, the avon ladies. regards to Ms. Lilia.

    Leah Encinares

  59. Abby

    This man:

    There’s no dull moment listening to Mr. Francis Kong. You’ll enjoy learning and laughing from his talks..
    Keep up the good work, Sir.
    You inspire a lot of people.
    God Bless you always….

  60. marly

    Hi kuya Francis. I was so inspired by your seminar at St. Mary’s Academy that’s why I want to thank you for sharing us a wonderful lessons and tips…now I know I can be a winner because I made a choice to study 1st before anything and I learn that I should not stop learning…even I cant say thank you in person I hope you do appreciate this.. I’m from arellano university jose abad santos -marly

  61. Charmaine Mendoza

    Hi Mr. Francis! Thank you for inspiring us today. I really learned a lot and one of them is how to become a winner and not a loser :). I wish that there will be more young souls like myself who’ll be inspired by your words. Once again thank you and God bless!

  62. abie

    hello Mr. Francis! This morning you had a talk with us senior students from diff. private schools in Pasay…you’re talk was so great that my classmates and I think that the seminar we had was the best among the others we have attended. Thank you so much for the inspiring words which really gave us clues about what college life would be like, and of course, the fun you made us experience. We hope to meet you again and have another talk with you as guest speaker in the future. πŸ˜€

  63. clarissa

    i look forward to reading your articles every Saturdays and Sundays on the Philippine Star. Thanks for sharing such inspirational thoughts and messages. i also enjoyed a talk you had in MC, i really learned a lot. Godbless

  64. Richard Noel Amora

    Hi Sir Francis! πŸ™‚

    I was your photgrapher at Davao when you had a speakership last Nov 11 sponsored by the Plantersbank. It was the best seminar i had even been through and it was very inspiring. It was so inspiring that i almost forgot that i was there to take pictures.

    Thank you very much Sir! I hope I could listen to one of your motivational talks again. More power! πŸ™‚


  65. Jemuel

    Hi! It was a rainy Tuesday evening when I brought my 79-year old Lolo in the hospital. He suffered mild injury in the hips when he fell bad. Anyway, as I walk through the corridors of the Balagtas Doctors Hospital and while waiting for my Lolo’s name be called, I saw one article posted in the gallery. It really caught my attention and I started reading it. But unfortunately I did not finished reading the article because my Lolo’s name was already called, so I helped him walk inside the X-Ray room,and from then on, I never had a chance to see the article again. But before I leave that moment I was able to see the writer of that article. You wrote that article and I know you because I always watch Umagang Kay Ganda especially your segment with Edu. To end this story and make this short, Can you e-mail me that article. i forgot the title of the article, but the first few lines says like these, “Troubles.. There’s always troubles.”
    If it’s not too much to ask, can you e-mail me some of your articles regarding work and troubles at work, and how to keep motivation up. thanks and more power

  66. Leah_Avon

    “There’s always a time for everythig”-one of the things that i’ve learn from Mr. Francis. Don’t miss a day wothout saying ” i love you and you care so much for your family or special loved ones” . A minute of your time talking to our parents saying hi to our sisters, bonding moments with our family is one of the most treasured time in their lives as well as our time with them. We deal with other people, talked to them over the phone and have special meetings with them, but then again, at the end of the day, it is our family who will wait and be with us til end of day…what’s your motivation why you’re busy and work hard? it’s for them….because we love them and above all, it’s for god’s glory…

    Mr. Francis, thanks for the “trade off” term… God bless and i really pray for you and for your family…

    Leah Encinares

  67. Aarron

    You have inspired me and changed me the way I perceived life. Thanks! for blog and I also attended a couple of your seminars too. I just want to thank you for inspiring me to plan and be a much better person.

  68. Rogene

    good evening Mr.Kong im Rogene from Saint Marys Academy Pasay πŸ™‚ i would like to thank you for paying a short visit into our school and of course for you inspiring and uplifting words:) again thank you & God speed

  69. Lena Mendoza

    good day! Mr. Francis Kong. . Im just one of those people that really admire you. I’m always focus to the tv when you are being guest at Umagang kay Ganda. You definitely inspire many people even me. Im hoping that we could meet personally, I’ve heard you know personally my big boss. Im looking forward for that day.
    God Bless

  70. Elena

    Good day, Mr. Kong! I was able to read your recent article titled “Doing your best”. I must admit that it hit me. I came a point in my life when I told myself that I am too over-qualified for my job. I felt that I had better opportunities. But like what you’ve said, it’s the worst feeling. I became too proud. Humility is very important. I need to appreciate my job more, than to have none… Thanks for reminding me that. More inspiring articles to come!

  71. onatz

    Glad to see you have a website now. I really am an avid reader of your column in the Star. One of my favorite is your article entitled “Who are you working for?” (sorry if I did not get the title right). It really inspired me during those time when I really am down and out regarding my work situation abroad. But thanks to you Ive realized that we are working not for a company but for HIM. With that, it made my work much more bearable. It even inspired me to blog a topic regarding that πŸ™‚ Well I’m excited to check out much more of your blogs, keep it up and God Bless!!! =-)
    (p.s. hope you could publish the article I’m referring to this site..thanks)

  72. gian

    Sir, I just can’t put in to words right now how much your talk in UST earlier today made another impact to my outlook in life. Well, I first had the privilege of hearing your talk when I was in high school, it was back at 2006. You’re the man. I remembered how you told us to never be someone you’d say yourself is a looser and never let anyone live your life for you. That’s all. Hope you could come back again. God bless and more power. btw, my Mom loves your segment in UKG. πŸ™‚

  73. Kaths

    Hi Mr. Francis Kong πŸ™‚

    ’twas really nice to hear such an inspiring talk from you this morning in UST. I really like how you see things in life -always encouraging, ever motivated and above all, you’re driven by your passion in sharing God’s love to us. πŸ™‚ I really am an avid reader of your Sunday columns on the Philippine Star.

    You are truly amazing. πŸ™‚

  74. bea faller

    hello mr. francis. πŸ™‚

    im bea, and i am one of the thousands of students who were paying close attention to the words you were imparting, yesterday at UST.

    i admire how you’re able to speak the language of the soul of the world. the language that no word may speak… the language of love.

    it’s really amazing how you could mold and refine lives, given limited time.
    we were truly blessed to have you with us, yesterday.
    i am very grateful to you, my dear sir.

    God bless and may you continue to touch more lives!
    More Power Mr. Francis Kong!

  75. Stephanie

    Hi Mr. Kong. Thanks a lot for visiting our school (SSHS) yesterday(11/24/08). Your talk was really inspirational and helpful. You’re one of the speakers who can talk on and on while continuing to entertain the audience. I’m an avid reader of your books, and I hope you’d write more. Anyway, hope you’d come back soon. God bless!

  76. rose ignacio

    hello Mr. Kong,
    I am a loyal , an avid fan of your column in the Phil Star. Honestly speaking, I found them amusing and knowledgeable. Though I aspired to be a good sales person, hopefully I would someday,, your column helped me mold to be a better person.
    thank you.

  77. Rona

    Dear Sir Francis,
    I am so blessed and thankful for knowing you and your family. You’ve touched my life, my family’s life. More power! God bless you…

  78. tes s. baliola

    Dear Francis,

    Thank you for the inspiring and beautiful, also humorous articles you write. I read them every chance I get (usually after my boss has finished reading the news, I get it from him and turn the page to business section ) . I also clip and share them with my niece and sister. Good thing you have this website so I can read all the articles I missed.
    Keep writing….God Bless!

  79. Wendell

    Hello sir Francis! I was just wondering if you beleive that our present society has a scarcity of eloquent speakers? I do know there are a alot of good speakers in our present time, but are they eloquent? ty very much! Keep inspiring…someday I would also want to be like you, an inspirator…

  80. Sandra Ngsuy

    Dear Mr. Kong,
    I read your column in Phil Star everytime I chance upon it, I find it so informative and inspiring, I sometimes impart it to my kids and I hope they can all digest it. Incidentally, I send my daughters to Immaculate Conception academy in Greenhills and it is my dream that you speak before the students. Do you have any free time to have a speaking engagement next school year? I would be very happy to organize it. Please say Yes. Thank You very much and Have a Blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  81. richard sy

    hi sir francis,
    thank you for inspiring me on one of your talks about leadership.
    if you still remember, you delivered talk to McDonald’s people last november, i’m poud to say, i’m one of them.

    i am willing to submit an inspiring story about me, not for the intention of winning a book but to share my personal story which i believed to inspire somehow to valued readers like me.

    i ‘ll just compose it and post next time i visit your website.

    thank you very much sir for the learnings from 2 of your books i’ve read.


  82. ju-anne


    Good day Mr. Kong! I am Ju-Anne, just this morning I watched you at Umagang Kay Ganda ABS-CBN morning program because I’ve been their huge fan since then, and rarely I saw your morning session regarding with Business matters, and I really enjoy your talks and I’m one of the million people inspired with your words and passion in business. Sir may I requiest you to become our speaker? attached here with is my letter of requesition.

    Ju-Anne Rose L. Bentulan BSMT3-A/BSAE3-A
    Bachelor of Science Major in Applied Economics and
    Business Management 3-A Class Mayor
    University of St. La Salle- Bacolod City
    La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City 6100, Negros Occidental

    Dear Mr. Kong:

    I am Business Management student of the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod and currently taking up BM104 ” Investment Management”. In line with this, our class section is task to organize our own Seminar about ENTREPENEURSHIP.

    May I ask for your presence to become our Speaker to the said Seminar which will be held on 24th or 26th day of February 2009? Your generous assistance will surely make our study of the Investment Management course as a learning experience for us aside from the theories of the subject matter.

    Thank you and hoping for a favorable response from you. Please feel free to contact me at my mobile no. 09078381781 or email= for any classifications on our seminar.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ju-Anne Rose L. Bentulan

  83. Alf

    Told my secret santa in the office to get me your latest books. Will keep you posted. =) Plan B is to get it myself. Hehehe. Hope to talk to you in person.

  84. Rona B. Inarsolin

    Dear Sir Francis and Family,
    A very warm greetings from my heart…

    Thank you so much for everything that you and your family shared to me. I’ve brought my sister here in Dubai and I transferred to UAE University, currently working with Date Palm Development Research Unit Dept…You’re always in my prayers…God bless you ….Have a blessed christmas and a prosperous new year to all…

    Gratefully yours,


  85. alvin abrantes

    hi, Francis!

    thank you for inspiring me on your talks that i have attended and in your books that i have read.

    more power to you & i will continue to pray for your never ending success

    alvin abrantes

  86. Wina M. Hernandez

    There is one word I can aptly say sincerely: Bless your soul for being the light that shines as every message or statement you make available to all through your Phil. Star column “Business Matters” leaves its print in our hearts and minds, inspired, nourished, “refurbished” (that’s my version for rehabilitated), hopeful, and most importantly, become more courageous to live life whatever the situation will be, knowing that there is our God who will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you for being there for us. I am Wina Hernandez, 54 (no discount!), a heart attack survivor, yet still raring and moving heaven and earth to live life.. Happy New Year, God’s grace be with you and your family.

  87. WinaHernandez

    There is one statement I can aptly say sincerely: Bless your soul Mr. Kong for being the light that shines as every message you make available to all through your Phil Star column “Business Matters” leaves its print in our hearts and minds, inspired, nourished, “refurbished” (that’s my version for rehabilitated), hopeful, and most importantly, courageous to live life whatever the situation will be, knowing that there is our God who will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you for being there for us. I am 54 years old (no discount!), a heart attack survivor, yet still raring and moving heaven and earth to live life.. HAPPY NEW YEAR, GOD’S GRACE BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  88. may g.

    Good afternoon, sir. I was thinking about one of your posts in the past couple of days, the one which asks an incident that happened to me that made me become a better person. I actually was thinking if I am now better than whom I was in the past. Whenever I read your posts, a quick ‘something’ strikes me every time. So here, I remembered when I was young, I was bad. I yelled at my brother or at my sisters, I hated my parents for not buying the things I wanted, but maybe that was normal I was young. But I was, almost always, was yelled back by my mother. My parents are separated and I didn’t want that of course. Until I finally came to realize how much my mother works for me and for our family. I was young, yes, but I understood every sigh and sleepless nights she had because she was alone. I have seen her cry because of tiring days and unpaid bills. She prepares the food for school, waits for us β€˜til midnight when we are not yet home, or panics when we get sick. I thought I was responsible at home so I could help her minimize her work. I grew up like my mom; aside from the fact that I also look like her.  And she might be the best incident that happened to me that changed my visions in life.

    Thank you, sir, for making me realize and remember.

  89. manya

    hello sir, merry xmas n happy new year.
    i just read few pages in your book “life’s work” and its really motivated me. you’re an awesome writer!
    You inspired me… God bless!

  90. Au-Homemaker

    I thank God, for you and your Ilocana, who inspire us with your morals in life through your shared life experiences and learnings. It is a bliss for me to read and share your insights to my husband and 2 daughters because I know your writings can make us a better person, a good citizen and good parents.

    I pray for you and your family good health, love, peace and joy.
    Happy New Year!

  91. joel

    hi sir francis!

    i love your articles so much! Very inspiring. I just grab the book in a drawer not really knowing what it’s all about, but when i started reading it, i was amazed and very impressed with how you touch reality bites of life. I read your book “one day at a time.Book3. ” it was great! Though it really focused on business stories, (and i’m not a businessman, I’m a nurse, 21), i was still awed with the stories and all!
    where can i purchase your other books? I’m from davao and i hope you could come here and speak.. pls do advertise if you would and i would not hesitate to come and listen.

    Keep up the good work! God bless!

  92. Joan

    Sir Francis,

    Hello po!I am one of your listener this morning. I am so glad and thanked God for the opportunity He gave me to hear your inspiring words. Kuya Francis, I am a Christian, and i like the way you deliver your talk. I like it because it was practical (talagang nangyayari) and because by God’s grace, you were able to insert God’s word (you were almost preaching,mmm…it made me think if your a Pastor).It was my firt time to hear your name, to hear you talk, to see you and to know you and I was impressed and blessed. Pati po kay kuya Brian. You both really did a great job. I am praying that you continue to inspire others, and you continue to acknowledge and gather srength from God. Thank you once again.

  93. ella

    hello there! i am a big fan of your works sir.. i would like to thank you also for answering my email last year… and i do hope you can visit us again in Brightwoods School in pampanga. God bless you and press on, sir!

    oh and i have placed your blog among my favorite links. it will be a pleasure to boast that i am among your millions of fans who are following your site. i’ve also written an entry last year about the excellence, which were from my notes that ive taken from one of your talks you’ve given in brightwoods school…
    anyway, thanks for the space and for your time to read this.

    sincerely, ella

    1. Francis Kong

      Wow! You are so kind. And I do hope to be able to see you soon. I am not sure whether you are attending but I will be the featured speaker in Pampanga’s Teachers Congress next week. If you happen to be there, please do approach me and call my attention.

  94. marie c. lazaro

    hi sir…i have heard you once when i attended a kapihan in CSE, ka entrep and bought a book you wrote. You’re such one of the most amazing person i’ve heard. you gave me inspiration to pursue my dreams and become successful on my business. by the way, i have a water station, an internet cafe and just open my money transfer business with western union.

    please dont stop inspiring us…your such a blessing to me, thanks God!

  95. Anne

    Hi Sir Francis!
    Every now and then, i open your webpage and read stories that I can also share to my students.
    They are light and inspiring. More power and God bless!

  96. rommel dejesus

    Magandang araw po. Sir maraming salamat po at pinaunlakan nyo po ang paanyaya namin sainyo para sa March 27. Nung unang beses po namin kayong napakinggang magkapatid lagi na po naming sinubaybayan ang website nyo at yung column nyo sa Philipine Star. Maraming salamat po dahil kung paano nyo kami na inspire noon, naniniwala kami na maiinspire nyo din po ang mga kaibigan at mga kakilala naming aatend sa March 27. Maraming Salamat sir at sana po wag kayong magsawa na i inspire ang mga kababayan nating mga Pilipino

  97. nice agrano

    sir, just want to thank you for sharing your great mind with us yesterday at san fernando, pampanga… you are simply great!!!

  98. Marilyn

    Hi sir Francis. I have been your follower ever since. I have been clippings all your articles in the Phils. Star. I see to it that i read all your articles because it inspire me a lot. Me and my classmates are very excited upon hearing the news that you will be our guest speaker in our school. The first question that entered my mind is how much will be our fee to be able to watch your speaking engagement in our school,but to our suprise, you will do your talk pala for FREE….you are really an angel from heaven Sir. Today, january 31, 2009 will be a very very memorable one in our life at PUP MBA students because one of the Very Best and Intelligent speaker in the world is just in front of us speaking and giving us insights on how to become a good leader in this tough time. We hope you will continue to share your knowledge and experience to us students here at PUP. It is an experience we will never forget as long as we live. More power and God Bless you always and your family πŸ™‚

  99. Louise Ian de los Reyes

    Hi Sir Francis, I was one of the attendees in the Tough Times Leadership talk you gave at PUP Sta Mesa yesterday and I would like to commend you for the remarkable insights you shared with us. I am deeply honored to be in your presence. I hope I can invite you to share your knowledge in a small school we own in Mangaldan, Pangasinan as well. Thank you very much.

  100. Rolando T. Sotelo

    Thank you very much sir for a very informative and enjoyable seminar we had yesterday at PUP. Though I am a DEM student you’ve motivated me to listened too and I learned much from the seminar. Again thank you and GOD bless.

  101. shiela

    wat an excellent inspirational talk u’ve made in our school the University of Batangas.. tnx mr. francis kong.. u really inspired and motivate me to pursue my dreams… tnx alot mr. f…

  102. shiela

    hi.. sir francis… tnx for the inspirational talk uve given to us this day.. it motivated me to pursue my goals in life.. i wish u can also motivate other people, students just like me. thnk u very much…

  103. malen

    hi sir francis,im from university of batangas,thanks for an inspirational seminar you shared with us…
    your undeniably the best sir!!!

  104. Vivian Magtibay

    ..sir francis…we thank you for the very inspiring words you gave us diz morning at the University of Batangas….we luk forward having u agen as our speaker on our nxt lecture series….thank you sir…you are one of the best speakers we had….kip up the good work sir…kip inspiring us with your talks…more power to you and to your family…Godbless!!!!my friends and I had a picture taken with you…thank you agen sir!!!!

  105. jefferson

    Hi Sir Francis, I was one of the attendees of the seminar u’ve done this morning at University of Batangas, “winners or lOOsers” make your choice,. it was a very inspiring talked. thank you for everything dat u’ve shared to all of us there. it may help us to be a better person and to pursue our dreams and to be more successful in life. ‘ve maid us feel how to be a winner instead of being such a looser. til here. thanks again.

  106. Mary Rose Bayno

    thank you very much sir for sharing ideas with us yesterday at University of Batangas… you truly inspire a lot of us.

  107. Mary Rose Bayno

    thank you very much sir for sharing ideas with us yesterday at University of Batangas… you truly inspire a lot of us. for me, you are a winner!!!

  108. Mary Rose Go Bayno

    thank you very much sir for visiting University of Batangas yesterday.. you inspire us a lot… thaks for sharing your wonderful ideas… you’re simply amazing…

  109. kristine chua

    mr. francis kong, thanks for lending us some of your time last feb.2 during your inspiring lecture about winners and losers in university of batangas. what you have said has really inspired us to pursue something greater than what we think we can. it’s true that we should be contented of what we have but never be satisfied of what we are. you have motivated me to try harder and dream higher. i’m a 2nd year accountancy student. i promise you sir that what have you said will always be remembered and cherished as i come nearer my goal of being the most successful CPA-LAWYER of all time.. hehehe.. when that time comes sir, i want to meet you again so i can proudly thank you for what i have become because of your help.. thanks sir,, i’m wishing you good health and long life so you can continue what you have been doing. i.e., inspiring people. thank you sir!! GOD speed…

  110. stephen & bing

    we thank you for the inspiring & encouraging seminar you have shared with us here in baguio city at berkeley school. we were among few couples who attended the seminar & we have learned alot, though time is so short and we do not have much time with the Q&A. we also discerned that you are a christian because you have inserted biblical points without offending other’s belief. may we hear more seminars from you in the future & God willing may we invite you to talk in our church regarding parenting. God bless you!

  111. abegaile

    Hi sir! I am a UB student in Batangas City thank you for the inspiring talk from you yesterday (2/2/09). I really appreciated it…Now, I starting to apply all your talks to my life… Sir can you give me a tips on how to be a good in english and how to fight my stage fright? Sir your my idol…

  112. Zarah Jane

    Hello po.. im a 2nd year college student of University of Batangas….Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us last Feb.2… you truly inspire us (especially me)… you have motivated me to soar higher,,, to dream big,,, and to always stand everytime I fall….. you made me realize that life goes on… and that me myself and I should be the one responsible for my own success.. Sir, I’m hoping to see you again next year for another inspirational talk in our school. Thank’s Sir!!! Im praying for your good health so that you can inspire many more people. God Bless po..

  113. jane doroy

    Hi sir francis, i would like to thank you for all your good/inspirational messages you share for many people, most especially if you discussing about work.I hope you wouldgive me some advise on how to handle a difficult boss.

  114. Jenalyn Magtibay

    Hi!!! Sir Francis Kong,,,Good day!!! im a second year student of University of Batangas,,we thank you for taking time to share your inspiring talks about winners or losers last feb.2,,,It was amazing that your ideas makes us to be better than before,,,Sir,I know that being winner is not easy but if you choose to be winner and make an effort,,you will be,,I will make it possible reaching my dream to success and surely not be satisfied on what we are, but thinking of higher or something that we can do ,,,
    You truly motivated me,,and I promise…I will never forget what have you said …Thank you Sir and I hope you will not forget to come back here at UB…Thanks a lot!!!God Bless you Sir!!!

  115. Kim ^_^

    Inspiring excellence indeed!

    Thank you very much for all the words of motivation you have imparted on us all these years. It’s good to know there are still a few people who don’t let society’s shortcomings bog them down. You make us aspire to become better people and strengthen our bond with those close to us as well as reach out to those whom we know nothing about. You make us understand that anything is possible as long as we don’t lose track of what our dreams are and continue to work toward them.

    More power and God bless.

  116. John Paul

    I know it’s a bit late, but I would really like to thank you for that motivating and inspiring talk you gave us at the University of Batangas last Feb 2. I did some thinking after the lecture and I was again fueled up to pursue my dreams and to make important decisions in my life. Your talk gave me my much needed motivation. I hope you could come back and share more of your thoughts. I’m planning to buy your books and I always look forward for your segment at UKG. Again, thank you Sir Francis.

  117. sidney

    I learned a lot of things from you.From your live speech down to the articles posted in the internet. Thank you. Like you, I always want to inspire people and this helps a lot because I gained a lot of inputs which I could pass on to others. God bless you more.

  118. fe martinez

    Hello, there! I just wish to let you know how I appreciate your column β€œBusiness Matter (Beyond the bottom line)”.

    While I subscribe to the Manila Bulletin, I buy the Philippine Star on days that your column come out because I find it to be interesting, down-to-earth and useful. You are a great writer, too; so I learned a lot from you.

    Keep up the good work, sir, and God bless you with more fertile insights, thought-provoking stories and experiences that you could share to your readers!

    Gratefully yours,

    fe martinez

  119. neil aldrin ko

    hello Mr. Francis,

    I just drop by to tell you that i really love your writings.I First heard you speaking in Bacolod City and the second time was last year here in Silliman University and it ws a very motivating experince.

    I also often times quote your ideas in the messages i give every time i’m invited to facilitate a retreat or team building workshops to students and youth groups.

    Congratulations for motivating millions of people especially me.If only i have enough money i will surely invite you to some of the retreats i facilitate especially to goverment high school students because they need all the encouragement and mtivation.God bless you more sir and may the Lord smile on you always.

    much prayers,


  120. Joviel R. Teves

    Greetings Sir Francis!

    I am Miss Joviel R. Teves, one of the junior staff from the Department of Business and Management of the Visayas State University in Baybay City, Leyte – the place you have visited last Tuesday, March 10,2009. I am a BS in Agribusiness Management Graduate from UP Los BaΓ±os, with a latin honor, and God directed me to work here in the Visayas last June 2006 after I graduated on April of the same year. Its my third year in the university as a college instructor.

    I am one of those who thank God for bringing you to our university. Thank you because you did not hesitate to inspire and touch our lives, indeed, even only in few hours of your very noteworthy talks. I’ve never heard any person like you whom the Holy Spirit has given the gift of encouraging people! Thank you for wholeheartedly discharging God’s gift to you.

    I, as well as my colleagues and my students are extending our heartfelt thanks. May the LORD all the more bless you!

    Thanks also for writings books. I have bought five of your books, a very good investment as I consider it. Great help for me as I proceed to living my life as God directs me where to go! By the way, when i was still in college, i used to listen to FEBC, business matters was one of my favorite program.

    Thanks again and God bless you.

    In Christ,

  121. Victorio Jr.

    Sir Good day!

    just dropping by to say thank you for the words you said when you visited Visayas State University last March 10, 2009. Indeed, I really appreciated the way you inspired people and giving words of wisdom in order to work hard and understand more the meaning of life…

    All I can say Sir,thank you very much.
    Currently I am a graduating student busy accomplishing requirements and especially writing thesis book. Well, even on that short period of time Sir, you just don’t know that after your talk, I really felt aggressive finding good ways in order for me to graduate on time. hehehe

    From now on I will be a friend of one of my “hatest” place in school, the library!hehe

    Give me 12 years from now Sir to meet you again!
    This I will promise to myself…

    God Bless Sir and hoping you will inspired MANY more….

  122. Aimee Jel C Avellana

    Mr. Francis Kong,
    Hello! My sincere thanks to you,Sir. You never doubted to share your learnings to the VSUans. You are a blessing, Sir! Keep it up…! Stay blessed.!

  123. Jovencio Cruz II

    Good Day Sir! Just wanna say thank you for inspiring other people’s life. Keep it on and God will do the best for you and for your Family. I first know Mr Kong way back 2005 when he spoke for International Youth Day Celebration that was held in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. I have learned a lot from you sir on how to live in this world with fulfillment. Hope you can give us an inspirational message and be a guest speaker in our church Jesus the Giver of Life someday. Thank you and more power….

  124. jabez

    hi francis! your website looks nice but i prefer the one with your face. =) it has more personal approach or, should i say, presence?

  125. jhoy

    hi Mr. Kong. you know sir, you really inspire me during your talk in UB. kahit yong sa mga blog, i admire you sir. sna maging tulad nyo din po ako someday. Godbless sir!

  126. Anabelle Tanghal

    Hi Sir Francis Kong,

    I actually do not know you as an inspirational speaker/writer before until I had my book “The Early Bird Catches the Worm, but the Second Mouse gets the Cheese”. I really had great time reading all you have written there. That’s when I realized that you can make negative be positive. That’s when I started reading almost all your books and visit your website always. You’ve made me a positive-thinker now. When things get rough on me, I now can easily understand why. Thanks to you! I do admire you so much…

  127. Michael Verastigue

    Hi Sir! Thank you for not only inspiring us but on how you influence us through your articles. god Bless and more power!

  128. elena p. guinoo

    Hello Bro Francis,
    Im so happy & bless to see you in Umagang kay Ganda this morning w/ Pinky Webb giving some tips on how to handle stress.
    When I was working in Cebu i always listen to your radio broadcast over DXFE and i was always blessed w/ what you have shared to inspire us.
    May God continue to use you to bless more lives.

    Praying for you & your ministry,


  129. Erwin C, Arar

    Sir Francis
    Grabe ka pina iyak mo ako. any ways just want to tell you that you realy inspire us especially me more power sir ” salute

  130. JohnJohn R. Castillo

    Sir Francis,

    You always awe me with your articles in the newspaper, your books, etc… May i request that you be given a time slot daily at UKG. It’s nice seeing you on the TV doing what you do best.

    Kindly update us on this.

    Thank you.

  131. michelle

    sir, pwede po b. ulitin yun episode ninyo sa ukg last week (05-14-09). di ko siya napanood n buo. thanks. more powet

  132. Maite Aragon Casile

    Sir, I am a fan who reads, digests and practices the good things you write. I have yet to hear you talk. I hope one day we can invite you to visit us down south and lecture to our group of doctors here. God bless you with continuous good health so you can share more to others.

  133. Johans

    I’ve been an avid listener of Mr. Kong since my Cityland-days. I hope you dont mind if i post your articles on my multiply blog….with credits ofcourse.

  134. Glenn Alvia

    Hi Bro. Francis,

    Thank you very much for the timely inspiring messages that you impart to all of us. What makes you different is that you take the Word of God and apply it to principles that impacts all areas of our lives. Thank you sir and hope we could invite you to speak in one of our company’s general assemblies.

    God bless!


  135. Jesser

    Bro. francis when i read youre it made me realize that life is so simple.. thank you for the wonderful word that enlighten us everytime we feel bad or hopeless..
    like what youve said or wrote..
    “It is nice to be important..but its more important to be nice..god bless bro..

  136. Jesser

    Brother francis youre words give us motivation everytime we feel bad or sorry on whats happening around us..

  137. Roman Achacon Santos

    I’m so happy to find this site and read this article. I remember this verse in the old book in GNB version “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” and the the old adage, “if it is to be, it is up to me.”

  138. gwen

    wow…that story gave me a watery i wish i could also feel the same with our own, there are few who’s worth it but news really makes them look bad..but thanks anyway for the few Filipino military men who still keep their integrity and really makes a filipino proud.. Thank sir Francis, i always enjoy your inspiring real and reel stories.

  139. loraine

    Mr.francis kong thank you for the inspiring message you gave us this really made me laugh a while ago,well i’m a student from zamboanga chong hua high school.i have learned a lot from the the words you have shared. and I just wanna say that, Mr. francis kong,your message was worth listening.

  140. janel

    Dear Mr. Francis Kong, I’m a student of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School and I was very pleased to meet you this morning and i am wondering what province in China does your forefather come from because my family name is also Kong and we are from Long Hai. Thank you for the inspirational message you have shared with us and we have learned so much from it.

  141. Juliet Yu

    Hi Francis, it’s sure nice to see you again yesterday at Zamboanga Chong Hua High School. I’ve attended several talks that you’ve made in cebu and here in Zamboanga City. Each time, there are new knowledge that I got and inspiration to share also to my friends.As I’ve told you, I love to read your books, because the simple thoughts that you impart opens my eyes to many opportunities and improvements to my personal life that otherwise would have been laid to waste. Thank you very much for your untiring efforts to share your life to others.

  142. Juliet Yu

    Hi Francis, it’s sure nice to see you again yesterday at Zamboanga Chong Hua High School. I’ve attended several talks that you’ve made in cebu and here in Zamboanga City. Each time, there are new knowledge that I got and inspiration to share also to my friends.As I’ve told you, I love to read your books, because the simple thoughts that you impart opens my eyes to many opportunities and improvements to my personal life that otherwise would have been laid to waste. Thank you very much for your untiring efforts to share your life to others.

  143. Michelle

    Mr. Kong, I really appreciated that you went to our school to give an inspirational talk.Doon ko lang na realize na.madami pa pala akong dinalalaman.Remember nung pinaisip mo kame ng one person that we idolize.I actually thought of you,kahit 1st time plang kitang nakita.From your talk alone,everybody can say na, you’re a great person, grabe talaga ng experience mo sa life!I wont forget those 3 rules you thought us.Thank You.:)

  144. Julius S.Villanosa

    good morning, i have just attented your latesr engagement here in zamboanga city at garden orchid hotel last june 20, 2009. indeed it wa a great afternoon listening to you the 5 kinds of leadership, truly i learned a lot from that half day session together with my co-employees.
    just like you i had also fear for height but i dont know how to overcome it until you have shown us how to overcome it. i wish also i could jump or do what did by jumping from the top of that 7o stories building.
    hope to hear you again.

  145. florian jacaria

    Hello Mr. Francis! You are such an “idol” when it comes to this field! It was my very first time to hear you LIVE here in Zamboanga.. I do not miss your portion at UKG.. All I can say is.. WOW! really… WOW!

  146. florian jacaria

    After the very first time I hear you live at Garden Orhid… All I can say is… MORE… MORE… MORE!!! Please?

  147. Florian M. Jacaria

    Hello Sir Francis !!! After my very first time hearing you talk “live & alive” here in Zamboanga.. at the Garden Orchid Hotel… (Bdw, I never miss your portion at UKG! ) All i can say is…. WOW! really… WOW! Hope there will be MORE… MORE.. MORE… to come…. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? πŸ™‚

  148. karla morales

    u just inspired me to work extraordinarily with great passion and unlimited dedication to my work.. =) may God bless u more.. =)

  149. Muchas Gracias

    thank you so much for reaching out to me with great and inspiring story about “Jump Shot”; very timely these trying days ahead for survival.

    Keep in touch…

  150. joy kiseo

    I’m studying at Bukidnon State University sir…im very much happy if you will come again to our school to inspire us…tnx…more power to you

  151. Yari

    I recently attended your leadership seminar and it was a blast. We need more people like you who inspire us to do more and be more. Thanks and God bless! =)

  152. tina

    your articles are my source of inspiration..when i first heard you on tv, i immediately looked up for your website and am just so glad to be one of the many people you have inspired through your articles.


  153. John-John R. Castillo

    Sir Francis,

    You’re a man of character… admired…and respected….

    I always read your books, column in the Philippine Star, watch you at UKG, etc. Your wisdom and inspirational thoughts influence and guides me a lot…

    More power and God bless you always…

    Best regards,

  154. Reuben Claro C. delos Reyes

    Mr. Kong,

    You are an inspiration to many. An eye opener. I always make sure to listen to your teachings everyday.

    More power to you, Sir and God bless.


  155. Marcus Tee

    Sir Francis,

    I’ve been a long time follower of your blogs and a very big fan of leadership and motivational writters such as yourself and John Maxwell. I have personally met you when you conducted a leadership training for IBM business services a couple of years back. Although I’m no longer a part of that organization, I still assume a leadership and manegerial role for my current company.

    I was just wondering if you have form an organization or a club for leadership/ motivational enthusiast like myself, who not only learn from all of these but applies it daily as well. I am very interested in sharing of best practices and experiences from other leaders and also means of reaching out to other people longing to develop their individual skills and character.

  156. Michael Wong

    Sir Francis,

    I attended one of your seminars here in Zamboanga City, and inspired me and my wife a lot. Hope you could do more out of town seminars.

    Keep inspiring, God Bless!

  157. Charlotte O. Sac

    Hi Francis,

    You never changed, keep inspiring people paricularly people in the working categories.

    Best Rgds,

  158. Wendz

    Hi Mr. Francis,

    I’ve read lots of your column in Phil. Star, and watched you at UKG. So amazing! Your such an inspiration, motivator, and great speaker so to speak. A friend of mine use to gave me an audio CD of your talk because she was not familiar to you, I thank her so much and give her some feedback about you and guess what? she wanted the CD back to her. (hehehe) but i refused. (hehehe). I shared that audio CD to my close friends and they liked it in fact I reproduce it for them to have their own copy. Now I’m so in awe that I want to have more CD’s of your talks if not all atleast some. Hope there’s a store where we can buy CD’s of your talks.
    More Power and May God Continue to Bless You More and More Wisdom to Share and Inspire!
    God Bless to you and your plans.

    Keep It Up Sir;-)

  159. Mini

    Hello Sir Francis,

    I have met a lot of speakers but you’re one of the best. Keep on inspiring lives just like what I felt the first time I’ve heard your talk. More blessings!

  160. Unnang

    Sir Francis,
    I know you always receive those comments saying you’re an inspiration and that you’re the best speaker. Well, it is true. And I feel blessed that I attended the PICPA Convention in Davao last year, your talk on leadership was just so very affecting. And as your books, newspaper articles, radio program and your blog. You should get your own TV show!
    Thank you for touching so many lives. Hope i could pay it forward in my own little ways. God bless po!^^

  161. Robina

    Sir Francis,
    This is the first time i heard about you. I am very happy that I attended the seminar. I learned a lot. Thank you for visiting our school Chiang Kai Shek College, for sharing your life experiences and how to achieve excellence in life to us. You inspired a lot of people. More power to you.
    Hope you can visit us again with another topic.
    God Bless you.

  162. Patrick Lim

    First of all good evening Mr. Kong. I am Patrick Lim of CKSC-FBAS. I was the one taking pictures of you and us (idol kasi kita dati pa while reading ur column in the newspaper). Bola aside, i really am thankful for the school for such organizing a meaningful, inspiring and very motivational seminars but nothing is more inspiring, motivating than what you have thought us today on excellence within ourselves that is hidden through all of us specially me. I really want to go to your seminars but always lacking of time. Truth to be told, i was hesitant to go to this seminar because i thought it’s another speaker with the same routine and same boring style and full of power point presentations. BUT….When i heard that you are the guest speaker….damn i said to myself…” To hell with all my schedules, cancel it all and listen to this one great individual and learn something from you.” And of course I know your expensive so hey another good opportunity to save some bucks. Then you talked about your own life experiences, i can truly relate to you but the difference is you strived to change in college but im still stuck in my old self.

    Upon learning something from you a while ago, i can now start my day great. Why? because everyday of my life will be a life well spent for i will now acquire knowledge, experiences and motivations hopefully and personally from you. I know that you’ve been busy theses days as the most sought out speaker not only locally but globally in demand. But i want to ask you a favor if I may. It’s just that unlike you. you have so many mentors that will guide you along the way to greatness. what i’m trying to say is if you could be my mentor? I am willing to learn a lot from you. Your the only speaker that i idolized and i felt in my heart that your special. Special in a kind of way that something is good will happen to me if i learn something from you. Your very humble because not all speakers are as accommodating as you are.

    And I’m one of the chosen 5 that you have chosen to attend to your seminar for free. I am really thankful because you have made my wish come true. Attending and speaking to you personally are definitely on my wishlist. Thank You Mr. Francis J. Kong. (APPLAUSE!). All thumbs up for you and may God bless you with good health and more seminars and lives to change. I hope everybody will have a chance to listen to you as I did. I will inform you tom. about the progress in our dean if we will be exempted in our class. Have a nice evening Mr. Kong and thank you. Hope you can grant my favor. Mabuhay!

  163. Bennie Yulo

    Sir Francis,
    Good day Sir. I’m a student from Chiang Kai Shek College. Sir thank you so much for your inspirational speech in our school yesterday. It was a heart-felt speech for me what you have shared with us. I was reflecting on myself and you make me look! but I’m glad you did. pls pray for me too sir, to change my my bad habits. I hope and pray many more people(including me) will hear your speeches. Godspeed Sir. To God be the glory! ^^

  164. Judy Gabriel

    Dear Francis,

    On behalf of St. Mary’s Academy Pasay, our heartfelt thanks for letting the students experience listening to your nuggets of wisdom at today’s Culture of Personal Excellence. You are spot-on in starting them young, especially in an environment where integrity and character are scarce.

    Hats off to your guest speakers, especially Kim Atienza and Illac Diaz. I admire Kim for his great sacrifice to pursue his passion, and to Mr. Lito Atienza for being a great dad at the time he was needed the most.

    Illac Diaz is a Super Pinoy! He is God’s gift to the Filipinos! May his race multiply!

    To your team, KUDOS!

    More power!

  165. Patrick Lim

    ANother successful seminar hosted by the top motivators in the country today. Never a dull moment because of the atmosphere of eagerness to learn engulfs the whole room including me excited as always with my classmates. We are very thankful and very fortunate that we are the chosen 5 that were given a chance to witness Mr. Francis rocking the house as always. Thank You once again And Godspeed.

  166. Patrick Lim

    MAgnificent in everyway, deliverance perfectly executed. Laughter cures the fainting heart, wisdom is achieved by us your audience Mr. Francis. Thank You and hope u liked my little so called quote. Godspeed

  167. Gian Centeno

    Sir Francis,
    Your speeches are brilliant. One can learn so much from them. I hope to hear you again when you visit Silliman University.

  168. Dianna Tubat

    Sir Francis,
    Thanks for visiting Silliman University. It was such an honor to meet you and to learn from your energetic, wonderful, and inspiring speech this morning! Hope you’ll visit Silliman again, someday… More power and God Bless you!

  169. Aquilyn Dalleda

    Sir Francis,
    It was indeed my most remembering day so far in my life. Though I am still a neophyte but I know the challenge is great. Thanks for visiting Silliman University,God bless to your family and i really do hope that what you’ve shared will always be a part of me. Thanks God for sending you here as an instrument to all of us.

  170. Susivic Tanada

    Coach Francis,

    I’m so happy seeing you again at Stellar’s 2nd Year Anniversary when you had your talk about Excellence.

    I hope you still remember when I invited you to have a short talk at UST last 1996 for our graduating batch in college of Commerce. Back then, your talk was FREE. Your horizons really widends and you’ve reached already the farthest places to share about Excellence.

    I always admire your dedication to educate people on how to become Excellent inside out.

    The first 2 books I bought was ONLY the REAL MATTERS and the THREE LITTLE WORDS. These books changed my outlook in life and perspective.

    Recently I read through again the Only the Real Matters and it helped me a lot especially now that my husband has a Colon Cancer (stage 3). I have to draw strength from the LORD to withstand these challenges. I’m the sole bread winner of my family with a 6 year old daughter. I have numerous burdens that makes me fall on my knees to the ground.

    While reading through one of your works, what struck me most was the Inaugural speech of John F. Kennedy. The famous, “ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

    Without putting limits to my incapabilities (like finances), I’m thinking of putting up a business (to think BIG) so that I will no longer ask for my in-laws’ financial support but will have an opportunity to exercise my faith and talent instead.

    I was thinking of putting a Variety Store that offers Organic Products, All-Natural Food Products, Fresh Farm Products, etc. This idea came up, because my husband is taking the Cellular and Biochemical Treatment. We were advised by doctors to undergo radiotherapy but we preferred to switch to something that is natural and will give out postive results. His diet is more on honey, whey milk, buffalo’s milk, duck’s eggs, bulalo, whole wheat, potato, sweet potato, etc. I thougt of buying in bulk and why not selling these products as well. And soon maybe I would have my own farm. This is the official website of my husband’s doctor —>

    Again, Coach FRANCIS Kudos to you! Pray that God will always GUIDE you and BLESS you richly so that you may be able to GUIDE and BLESS more people every time you TALK. God bless to you and Lilian.

  171. bri

    you are such a brilliant speaker…
    we learned a lot from you…
    thank you for visiting Silliman University..
    God bless you and your familly…

  172. Lean Mercado

    I feel so bad not knowing you before. I just read about you today and I’m amazed with all the stuff that you do. I can’t wait to have you as our speaker this coming wednesday. I’m sure you’ll be great. I hope I can take a picture with you sir. πŸ™‚ I’m now officialy a fan.

  173. Rowena Co Perez

    Hi Sir Francis, Thank you for being an inspiration πŸ™‚ I immediately became a fan of yours the first time i saw you in UKG, you really inspire me with your advices and I really admire your generosity in sharing your wisdom and experiences. I hope I could attend one of your talks and meet you personally. by the way, I am the sister of Atty. Alvin Baria πŸ™‚ More power and continue to inspire the world.

  174. ARCYN


    Sir, I really love the way you deliver your speech. You are the man of character and oneself motivator. You’ve change me sir and I’m very thankful to God that He is using you to change me and others. I was really inspired by what you have shared to us during your visit in SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY. GOB BLESS YOU SIR AND MORE POWER.

  175. Ruth Sophia Tarona

    Gud morning!
    Im Ruth from Davao City.. I only see you in UKG. But I heard you always go to Davao. I hope that I will learn from you, I really excited to see you here too..
    Im looking forward to be at your seminars here in Davao soon!!! Take care…

  176. Mel

    Hi Sir!

    I just found your site and I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing powerful and inspiring life lessons through your works. I had listened to a keynote speech you did several years back at a PMAP conference here in Cebu when I was still a college student and it was what got me to start reading your books. Beyond the personal enlightenment that I get from having read them, I feel the need to share it to other people especially in the organization I am currently working for. I am now working for a non-government organization that runs various development programs that include youth development and microfinance. I am just curious to know if it may be possible for you to do a talk for our employees and/or beneficiaries and how it may be done. All the best to you, Sir!

  177. Wilbur

    Hi Sir,

    Thank you very much for all the inspiration. Maybe I’m not that fortunate to buy your books but each time I read “Life’s Work”, I got the feeling of warm comfort from God and realize how bless I’am. This is the first time I saw your posts online. I hope to find time to read them at our office so it could motivate me more to work and do my best all times.

    Thank you very much and God bless us all

  178. Vangie Gonzales

    We have a book you wrote One Day at A Time. It’s very helpful…
    God bless you Mr. Francis Kong. Hope you can come and speak in one of our church events in Faith Fellowship.

  179. let

    Hi Mr. Francis, not too long ago i was surfing the web and landed on your website. My officemate saw it and asked who you are and i said Mr. Francis Kong, and she said who is he? To make a long story short, she is now a reader of your article in The Philippine Star, she even cut and posted it on her white board , and she was even excited one morning to tell me she saw you on television. Because you are so brilliant and truly blessed, not to mention how you inspire people. Thank you sir, i hope i can attend your leadership seminars, or maybe you can give a lecture in our office.. InshAllah. God Bless Sir.

  180. Joseph

    Ito ay isang kwento ng pasasalamat.

    Ako ay nasa kolehiyo pa noon, taong 2003, nang aking matuklasan ang ‘The Master’s Touch'(DZFE 98.7fm) sa radyo. At dun na nagsimula ang pagtangkilik ko sa klasikal na musika. Naaalala ko pa noon, isa sa aking mga naging propesor ang nagrekomenda ng pakikinig sa klasikal na musika habang nagbabasa o nag-aaral, nakakatulong daw ito na magbigay ginhawa sa isip para mas madaling maintindihan ang binabasa o pinag-aaralan. Pero ang lakas ng musika ay dapat na mahina lamang, yung halos hindi mo naririnig. Dahil dito, naging regular na akong tagapakinig ng DZFE. Taong 2004, ako ay nagtapos ng kolehiyo at sumabak na sa trabaho. Nung ako ay magsimulang magtrabaho, unti-unti ko nang nararanasan ang sinasabi ng karamihan na ‘reality’ (halaw sa kasabihan na “Welcome to reality.”). ‘Stress’/’pressure’ sa trabaho, mga kasamahan sa trabaho, pera, pamilya at personal. Taong 2006, ikalawang taon ng pakikipagsapalaran sa buhay-trabaho, isang umaga binuksan ko ang radyo at nakinig sa DZFE, dito ko na natuklasan ang programang “Business Matters”, sakto, isang programa na nagbibigay liwanag sa mga taong na-‘stress’/na-‘pressure’ sa trabaho. Dahil dito ay nakikinig na ako ng “Business Matters” pag may pagkakataon. Nabanggit sa programa na mayroong ‘website’ ang “Business Matters”, Nang bisitahin ko ang ‘website’ ay labis ang pasasalamat ko dahil mababalikan ko na ang mga ‘business matters’ na na-‘miss’kong mapakinggan sa radyo. Dito ko rin simulang makilala si Francis Kong, ang isa sa mga biyaya sa akin ng Panginoon.

    Ginoong Francis Kong, maraming salamat po.

    Where can I buy your books?
    I just finished reading the “The Early Bird Catches The Worm But The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese” book. Really funny(makes me laugh) and inspiring book. I borrowed the book from an officemate, I wish to have my own copy and share it to my family, friends and everyone.

    And also I hope to get to see you speak in one of your seminars.

    Regards to “The Ilocana”. God bless you… more! πŸ™‚


    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you Joseph.
      You may buy my books In National Bookstore or Power Books. If you cannot find it there, feel free to contact my associate Ms. Rara (7275692 / 7270291) and she will be more than happy to help you.
      Thanks a million!

  181. WENDZ

    GOOD Day Sir,
    i have heard one of your seminars at DLSU, I was really moved by your words and truely inspired. Your one of the best speakers we have here in the Philipines. Thanks you sir and GOD BLESS

  182. raymond pasimio red

    Raymond Pasimio Red

    Hi coach, mentor , leader

    I already heard your name, but not yet read about your inspirational stories, blogs, or any books or heard your lectures , luckily I browse over your articles buzzards, bats and bumble bees at facebook, uhm see myself in the story, I already share this story, to as many friends I can, Im pretty sure they will be inspired as well. I already subscribe to your website articles, and will likewise tell my partners, friends, relative about your website. Keep sharing your lessons, teachings, and we do appreciate this kind cause we have it for free, thanks!

  183. Chareina

    Hello Sir Francis,

    I recently met you last National Conference of Nursing Students at Manila Hotel and I when I got back here in Davao City, how I wish to share your inspirational messages to 822 level 4 nursing students..Hope you can visit here in Davao City and can give seminar to our school. I wish to organize one hopefully next year. I tried to convinced my dean in school and she agreed. Hope to invite you soon in our school inspiring the hearts of these students as I am.. Your books helped me to move on and keeping on track with life. Thank you for this website to have an opportunity to connect with you.. Godbless.


  184. Geoffrey J. Murillo

    Sir Francis. I was one of those hundreds of students who attended the CFC seminar… You really spoke well. You definitely aroused our slumbering passions…. Sir with what you said, I am much more driven to reach the peak of my goals. Thank you… I’d like to extend my real gratitude to you sir! I salute you! You are a real model. Continue holding seminars with your persuasive aura sir… Till then…

  185. Earnest Dave R. Alfabeto

    hello Sir,I am Earnest.i was there when you were speaking at the ccf conference at cagayan de oro city.I am now a college student,and my course is public administration.can you explain political science?our instructor was not able to explain it to us well.

  186. Donna Joy Pasion

    i was an attendee of today’s seminar on culture of personal excellence at edsa shangri-la. on my own, i followed your advice, kind of (hehe), since i couldn’t run through my notes at the jeep and write, i just reviewed what i heard and learned on my mind this day. (but i wrote it down at home, i dont trust my memory) while on that, i am able to review my actions too and questioned myself if im having excellence in the things i’m supposed to do and the things i love to do. well, in truth (and probably my classmates won’t agree) sir, i am a lazy student, thou they might see me as an (average) achiever. i still think i’m not fulfilling my purpose in life. anyway, sir, thanks for being a catharsis in my life and for sharing with us the TRUE heroes of this wonderful and gifted nation. a grand thanks, and sir, as a Sebastinian, i want to declare YOU MAKE US PROUD. i hope we learn more from you and please continue to motivate us ‘surprise’ ourselves by becoming the excellent product God has ever made.

  187. jake roxas

    Hi Francis,

    I am in the business of managing sales people for 15 years now. I was in the audience in one of your talks, I find you entertaining and your topic does not only touch on the skills application, but the attitude to take on the implementation and expectation.
    may your business increase so you may touch more people who may need your services. you are a blessing to sales people who are starting and wanting to succeed in their selling career.

    thank you.

  188. RJ Tangan

    Sir Francis, since I heard you speak I’ve already idolized you.. I am copying your blogs and stories here and published it on facebook for my friends to read. I hope you won’t get angry on me. πŸ™‚ I hope I could see you and hear you again. Thank you for your stories.

  189. larpi

    Hi Francis,

    I got your book “Inspiring Excellence” Bite Size ideas… inspiring indeed!
    Thank you so much.

    I had a great time listening to your talk, definitely worth the travel.
    It was the best seminar I attended.

  190. Jerome Mina

    Sir Francis,

    The College of Nursing CEU-Manila will be conducting the Culminating Activity of our Integrated Symposium on March 6, 2010 at Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel. May we have you as one of our speakers? I’ll be sending an e-mail as soon as possible. :DD

  191. Charlotte O. Sac

    Hi Francis,

    May all of us have a prosperous and a bright new year ahead of us. Just to let you know some of my collegues and even my boss find your articles – DUH very interesting and find ourselves in some of the items there.

    Best Regards,

  192. Bless

    Dear Mr. Francis,

    I was really inspired, encouraged and challenged by your teaching last night in Lucena City. It was a great experience. May the Lord continue to bless you and prosper you, your family and your ministry. You are a blessing!

    Am looking forward to see you again in Lucena…

  193. Archie

    Sir Francis,
    you’re one of a kind….you have your special way of inspiring others effectively. i hope to hear from you again and now enjoying your helpful books…

    god bless you always !

  194. Rolando A. Villacorta

    I like your articles. They make me laugh. They make me think. They make me see the good in people and in life. Keep it up. God Bless!

  195. Lia

    Sir francis,

    I was the one who communicated with you last week asking for your guidance on doing my article. You didn’t disappointment by giving attention to my request and finding time to respond a couple of times. I submitted my article last thursday. I am hopeful it will come out. But if not, I am still thankful for your guidance. I wont stop trying until it happens.

    By the way, I would like to share with you that my boss and I are both reading the Phil. Star. We share thoughts from the articles we read from weekend’s edition. He’s surprised the way i do my reading. I read the paper, but when am running out of time, I cut them and save it for my spare time. I specially cut your articles because I find them worth keeping. My boss is astonished that I do that. He’s one of my fans. And I am one of yours.

    You have an excellent blog and excellent personality! As i read the comments on your blog, I see many many followers you have. I believe you dont only inspire them, but you draw inspiration from us too!


  196. Jing Ancheta

    Hello Mr. Kong!

    How i wish to hear you speak in person. Your works/books are indeed great sources of inspiration and wisdom. Honestly, i have already read the book…when you think you cant do it… just do it because my boss at work lend it to me. I often visit your site to read your posts and i always find myself inspired with those articles you publish. Thanks so much ; )

  197. lala papio

    Hi Mr Francis,

    I attanded this afternoon’s seminar at RCBC. You mentioned about the big shift from taking an MBA to MFA (did i got it corrrectly?). pls explain?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you.
    God bless!

  198. Mia Borja

    Hello Sir. Great day! Im Mia, im a big fan of yours. Every time you have guesting in ABS CBN i make it to the point to watch and be learn from your business advise. Sir I am a ordinary employee before but now I’m thinking of establishing my own business. Being just an ordinary employee will not give my family a financial freedom. I want to have my own and be boss of my own. Sir I would like to ask what will be a nice business to start with 200 to 500,000pesos capital. Hope to receive advises from you soon. God bless you Sir.

  199. Sheena

    Good day sir, I was blessed to be a part of the OMG2 event last May3 at CCF and hear you speak. My boyfriend and I had fun listening to your witty, encouraging comments. I’m planning to buy one of your books as a father’s gift to my dad, hoping it’ll be a great way to somehow share to him what made me decide to stick with CCF & encourage him to attend one of it’s service one of these days. God bless you and your family πŸ™‚

  200. marco

    i just to thank you for wonderful videos in youtube…even though we don’t meet personally….God speed

    Marco Nomabiles

  201. Jessie Hortelano

    Great inspirational site a venue for harnessing the power of God knowledge and applying it to uplift the kind of life we are living today. A pray for the success of this site and may it continue for future generations to come.

    Thank you for inspiring us to become better persons with a heart for others.

  202. Zarrah Jean B. Bercasio

    Good day! Sir you really inspire me in the seminar that was held at Phil. Women’s University! I was once a very lazy student in my high school life but now that I’m a freshman college student I want to excel. I will apply what you have said. learn learn learn, study study study! Hope to see you again and hear your inspirational words! God bless you! and more power!

  203. noah

    sir, I am really inspired by your book entitled,DUH,(…duh…though it was expensive thanks to POWERBOOKS i’ve read it for free)…

    Sir I have a question, how would you know what is God’s will for you?I’m confused because I kept on praying to God to show me what he wants me to become…(it is because until now i was not happy with my work and i feel that i should not be in this field)

  204. Lea Gasmen

    Hi Francis,

    Hi, Im really greatful coz i knew there’s Francis Kong out there doing this wonderful things to help out & also to motivate people ( thanks to my supervisor Jayson Biadog for telling me this website), Sir everyday i read this site gives me a lot of reasons to be the best that I can be.Im a call center agent,a networking marketer,a blogger, a mother & a wife. Thank you for this different articles that you posted, reading this is a great help coz everyday Im one of the top agents of our company..I even apply this everytime i had a client over the phone & guess what? Positive results & proper mind setting…Thank Sir..more power & Im looking forward for the future posts.God Bless Us….

  205. Donel Jan

    I love your books. I already bought 2 of your books and plan to collect and read them all. You’re such a talented writer I hope I could be as talented as you are. Your books inspires me a lot. Hope you could do more books. I wish you all the best.

  206. tuts

    one of the best part of the grand kapamilya negosyo fair — listening to one of manila’s inspirational speaker like you. glad that i’ve attended the gknf2 yesterday (aug 15). more power & God bless you.

  207. Delia V. Gomez

    Dear Francis,

    Your column has been my inspiration since i found it. The articles are great and really inspiring! Thanks God for inspirational speaker/writer like you. You’re truly blessed. More power!

  208. Joycy Ann Pablo

    Hi Sir Francis,
    I would just like to have your opinion. Paano po ba pumili ng tamang career? Ang daming pagpipilian eh. There are so many things we can do, ang hirap tuloy magfocus. I don’t know what will give me peace. I just started my MBA then suddenly parang I’m losing my enthusiasm, same thing with my job, same situation as well with the business I’m planning to put up. Am I doing it wrong??? It’s quite scary and depressing.

    By the way, I’m a fan of yours sir. Your books are very inspiring. Thank you so much for the wisdom you keep on sharing.
    Noong una ko kayong madinig na magsalita (gonegosyo, smx), namangha ako. I haven’t seen a person who can catch everyone’s attention without ordering us to pay attention. Kahit ang mga highschool students, tutok sa talk nyo. I hope one day, when I become a professor(one of my plans), mainvite ka namin to share your wisdom with our youths. Just imagining it makes me feel excited. Parang nakikita ko na, you’ll be inspiring our future leaders. Salamat po!

  209. Chiqui Talabis


    I have been with the corporate world since I was 18. When times of being alone, I saw that I have made a path from first step to higher steps of life as McDonald’s as first work and now working in a traveling agency.

    Life is an endless teacher, a challenging too to do it good or not that good.

    It is a matter of how you were grew up by parents and how to continue/live it to practice and passing it on to the next generation – family members.

    More power.

  210. Gizelle Laud

    Sir Francis,
    I have always been amazed of how you deliver your inspiring talks. I have attended to few of your talks and you never missed to amazed me. I just wish I could be as great as you. I’m so happy that I have found your page. I’m looking forward to your other inspiring messages.

    More power and God Bless!

  211. Vincent Juffar Chaves


    I’m hoping that you’ll visit in our school @ Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City.. so that many student will be inspired and be enlighten…since you will be here in CdeO…. Thank you!!!

    More power!!

  212. Liza

    Hi Sir,

    Thank you for being an inspiration.. I was really moved with your quote “we are so eager to prove that we are the best.. but tend to forget to care who we really are ..” Its like a wake-up call (“,)

  213. Jay & Ads

    Hi Sir Francis,

    Thank you for all your inspiring messages, comments, talks. You really are an instrument of God to motivating people and to bring out the best in us.

    Btw, isa po kayo sa mga nag-inspire sa min na simulan ang blog namin na Think Like A Beginner ( I read your blog posts discussing the IKTA syndrome. Dun ko po nakuha yung name ng blog namin.

    Thank you po.

  214. A.J. Gabriel

    Dear Mr. Kong
    I had the oprotunuty of being one of the franchisee who attended the MONTEREY convention last Nov. 26, may be you would remember me as the one who shouted recoletos when you mentioned you graduated from San Sebastian College, I too spent my high school days in SSC. I never thought that a speaker can combine both inspirational as well as educational messages. That I must say is something that you have succesfuly done. I learned a lot that night and rest assure I will put to practice. I thank the Lord for a Mr. Francis Kong

  215. Miguel

    Mr. Francis J. Kong,

    I’ve read one of your books, you ended every story about the sayings written in the BIBLE. I’ve learned a lot from that book. You’re not just a good businessman, you’re also a good person. That book motivates me to change all my negative attitudes and that book can help different people to be a good person. Sir, can I asked you different questions on how to start a business?
    Thank you sir.

  216. badeth rivadeneira

    i’m a great fan, you’re giving me a lot of new learnings in different ways. God Bless and im so excited to be part of your next conference at smx.

  217. angel gregorio

    Hi, Mr. Francis Kong! πŸ™‚
    I’m a student of St.Scholastica’s College- Westgrove when I get to attend your seminar. Do you remember having a talk about self-esteem and motivation at our school? Well, now that I’m college and I’m in a different school i’m recommending you as a speaker at my school cause i do really think that you can help my new school mates if you could give them a talk too. I know that you are really busy but I’m wishing that you could. No rush. Please Reply. Thank You. πŸ™‚

  218. anthony raz

    Dear Mr. Kong,
    I am very much interested to attend your service. Can you tell me where, when and what time? I would appreciate…God bless….

  219. sharon a mayuga

    Hello sir francis,

    i attended your talk on praactical parenting on jan 22, 2011 at miriam college. i really didn’t know anything about you but, i’m so glad i attended the seminar with my sister who teaches grade school at miriam. i’m so thankful for your insights and it’s so inspiring because you based them on the word of God. i pray that that i can be a better parent and a blessing to my son. Maraming salamat po and God bless you and your family always.

  220. Ching

    Hi Sir Francis, I’m from Cagayan de Oro City I attended your talked twice regarding Practical Parenting last 2007 in CCF church and Parenting Winners in Limketkai Mall last year. Since then, I became one of your avid fan and even my mentor. Thank you for sharing to us how to discipline our children in a godly way and to be a good parents as God wants us to become.
    Sir I hope that you will continue to be a blessing and to make yourself available for others specially those people who really needs inspiration and who does not known Jesus yet.

    I declare that God’s super abounding grace be with you always. Godbless u always Sir Francis.

  221. eD DiVa

    let me know in advance f u hv upcoming talk here in vancouver, francis.

    i’d like to listen to u and pick up some inspiration and wisdom on the way . . .

    thanks hugely for being such a HUGE Blessing to others.

    May God’s Presence be with U all the days of your life.

    Pls let somebody from Couples for Christ get you here in Vancouver to give a talk to our many Sectors and Chapters , as well as Parishes here.

    Best regards.

    eD Diva
    dateline Vancouver
    06 Mar 2011 Sun 7 am

  222. Eden Claire

    Hi Francis! I followed you before with, but lost track of this I’m glad to be back reading your sensible and wise blog…

  223. Lovey

    Hi Francis

    Please allow me to call you just that, I think we are at the same age bracket so I free myself of any formalities.
    I have been a regular reader of your column despite the fact that I am not into business thing.
    I just find it inspiring. And what makes it more interesting is that it does not only talk about plain business,
    career enhancement or trendy work,or what’s going on in corporate world nowadays.
    But most of all,it also addresses some issues about spirituality and faith in God.
    And for that, I raise my hand in salute and admiration for boldly incorporating deity subjects
    in every issue of your column.More power and God bless you and your family.

  224. Lovey

    Hi Francis

    Please allow me to call you just that, I think we are at the same age bracket so I free myself of any formalities.
    I have been a regular reader of your column despite the fact that I am not into business thing.
    I just find it inspiring. And what makes it more interesting is that it does not only talk about plain business,
    career enhancement or trendy work,or what’s going on in corporate world nowadays.
    But most of all,it also addresses some issues about spirituality and faith in God.
    And for that, I raise my hand in salute and admiration for boldly incorporating deity subjects
    in every issue of your column.I am talking about your column in Business Page of Philippine Star newspaper.
    More power and God bless you and your family.

  225. glen cura

    Hi Sir Francis,

    I’m the girl who approached you at the Leadership Seminar in Liberty Hall, Binondo, Manila. Thank you very much for educating a lot of people with God’s wisdom and fun. My advocacy is to unite Filchi singles all over the world. If you have time, kindly check my blog, I also featured the seminar in my blog because you are an inspiration to Filchis that we can make it happen and “success is a process.” Thanks and keep inspiring, to God be the glory. πŸ™‚

    1. Francis Kong

      Thanks for your interest Romz. Many bookstores do not carry enough inventory so the best thing for you to do is to contact Rara ( and she would be able to help you with your orders or other interest. thanks for asking.

  226. Aldwin Hung

    Good day S’Francis!

    I just want to ask for the list of your books. I’m planning to buy your books. πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot!

  227. Judy Ann Apple Adajar

    Hi Sir! I’m judy ann and studying at PAMANTASAN NG LUNSOD NG MARIKINA with a course of B.S Business administration major in MARKETING. I’m a reader of your writings( BUSINESS MATTERS )..Your writings helps me more about my really inspires me. I really idolize you not only for being a good business mentor but also a good CHRISTIAN..You never forget to involve GOD in your writings..That’s a big thing in BUSINESS.

    Sir i would just like to ask if our school can have you as our speaker. and i also want to know how much is your professional fee if ever you will be our guest speaker?

    Sir I’m looking forward to have you as our guest speaker. I would just like to share to my Co-students the person that inspires me to study my subjects in school.. I want them to learn from a mentor that is really GOOD and EXCELLENT..

    Thank you Sir and GOD BLESS.

  228. Adrian Cenon

    Good day Sir Francis,

    I’m a young corporate trainer working for a real estate company. In some weekends, I also facilitate personality development workshops for students of my alma mater.

    You are definitely someone who I look up to and aspire to be like in the future. I was able to see you in speak during the 1st Zig Ziglar Sales Summit last October 2008. Your regular articles also give me insights on how I can improve myself and be the best in what I do.

    For me, being a trainer is the best job in the world because of the opportunity to help others improve and achieve their goals. More than just helping a company maximize its profits, I find more significance on the personal side of being a trainer.

    Thank you for being my role model. One of my dreams is to share the stage with you in a speaking engagement. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth the try.

    I hope to speak to you soon! May God bless you and your family!

  229. jj


  230. NiΓ±a Marie AvendaΓ±o

    Hi Sir Francis,

    Thanks for sharing this website of yours to me. I am a government employee and i want to improve my career by reading your inspirational articles and by making things happen soon. if i have an extra money i’d like to attend your inspirational talk or seminars.

    More power and continue to be a blessing to all of us who keeps on learning from your shared knowledge, wisdom and belief
    — NiΓ±a Marie AvendaΓ±o of COMELEC Main Office

  231. sharon alegre

    ,sir francis,
    taga paris po ako isa sa mga nakinig sa iyong INSPIRATIONAL TALK
    salamat po dahil marami kaming natutunan sa inyo maraming salamat at kahit konting oras dumaan kayo sa buhay namin .god bless salamat po ulit .

    sharon alegre

  232. Renato Aleonar

    Magandang araw Ginoong Francis,
    Kami po ng asawa ko ay nagpapasalamat at nagkakaroon kami ng pagkakataon na naka-attend sa iyong Inspirational Talk na ginanap sa Taunang ALING PURING CONVENTION ng PUREGOLD. Unang-una nagpapasalamat kami sa PUREGOLD at dahil sa kanila nakita ka namin sa personal na nagsasalita na kung saan pamilya ang pundasyon sa pag-angat at yung sinsabing PROCESS na ngayon ko lang lubos na naintidihan…muli maraming-maraming salamat po at sa iyong asawa na andoon rin noon ma’am maraming maraming salamat po…Pagpalain po sana tayong lahat…

    Renato S. Aleonar

  233. Tet Natividad

    Sir Francis!

    I would like thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. Filipinos, here in Vienna, who have missed your Seminars, have missed a chance of their lifetime to be able to think and grow rich. Thank you for your passion to spread the words of wisdom.. More power to you and your family. More power to the OFWinner Campaign.. which reminds us to become proud of being a Filipino saan man kami magpunta.. not forgeting our roots and our values.. specially taking dignity and pride in what we do or in our profession.. Maasahan nyo po na sa “Cause” na ito dadami ang sosoporta.. Godspeed!

  234. Bernie Mercado

    Hi Francis- This is a beautiful article! I never tire reading it. I truly share your thoughts on this article. Hope you are well. I am now in New Zealand hoping to migrate. Take care..


  235. Aiko

    Hello! I’ve just started reading and following your blog, and I must say I’m amazed at the content. Can’t wait to see and hear you talk in UPD on the 15th!:)

  236. Leonel Sytat

    Francis ε“₯,
    just came back from your very inspiring talk at St Jude school….Thank you for sharing your wisdom and it helps us a lot.i did recall my childhood days when you said: δ»Šε€©ηš„εŠŸθ―ΎοΌŒζ˜Žε€©εš γ€‚ζ˜Žε€©ηš„εŠŸθ―ΎοΌŒδΈθ¦εš. and also your new term of ” TenTen Talk” πŸ™‚ i see to it to read your book (which i completed 14 titles) and shares it to my kids before we go to sleep. Thank you again.God Bless you and your family.Take care. cant wait again next year to attend your inspirational talk. (bohpala kasi eh!!) heh heh. πŸ™‚


  237. Hazel Abela

    God has surely you the gift of encouraging and motivating people,including me to maximize what God has given. God bless you more as you continue to be His channel of blessing. (This is Hazel, former Principal of Palawan Hope Christian School. My partners, Mr. Willy and Ms. Cecile graciously share your books with me.)

  238. Winston Joseph R. Silva

    Hi Sir Francis,

    I find it awesome when I read your books and you mesmerize me even further when I was able to finally listen to you live in one of your talks.I just want you to know, you had been a very good source of inspiration to me, I had first listen to one of your very sought talks when I was still with Ayala Land, after which i began buying your books, I love it all especially ” One day at a time compendia ” S

    All the best,


  239. chrisdaoanis

    Hi, Sir Francis,

    I am subscribed to your site. I always find time to read your inspiring posts.

    I would say that you are one those that inspired me to share also what I can share through simple things, including blogging for personal development just as this. I became a “fan” after listening to one of your great talks.

    More power. God bless.
    Btw, this site is in my blogroll. I love it!

  240. Robert Jeremy Salonga

    Hi Sir Francis!

    I am Robert Salonga of Usana XTRM 1-11 team. I am so glad and honored that I was at your first seminar for 2012 at our XTRM 1-11 RECHARGE retreat at Word of Life in Calauan, Laguna yesterday, January 3, 2012 and I was able to hear your words of wisdom first hand. I really learned a lot from you, sir.

    I am very inspired and motivated now to do everything I can not just in reaching my goals and being a better person, a person of character, but to have a personal relationship with God.

    As you’ve said, in everything that we do, we must give thanks.

    Thank you, Sir! God Bless! May you touch, inspire and continue to be a blessing to other people. : )

  241. Glenn P. Villagracia

    Hi Sir Francis Kong!

    Im Glenn Villagracia of XTRM 1-11. I really had a blast with your talk last Jan 3 at Calauan, Laguna. We are very honored to have you sir. And much more honored that you started your year with us as your first Talk for 2012.

    That talk changed a lot with our perspectives. We would appreciate having you again in the future.

    By the way, I am also excited to attend your Discipline Seminar. πŸ™‚

    We all give our sincerest “Thanks” to you.

  242. Angela Tantoco

    Hi Sir Francis Kong!

    I am Angela Tantoco from XTRM 1-11! It was such an honor to finally meet you and see you up close! πŸ™‚ I learned and realized a lot from your training Sir Francis. We are looking forward to more trainings with you. πŸ™‚ May this be just the first of many this year.

    In all things we give thanks!

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  243. Annie Rose Uy

    Hi Sir Francis,

    I attended the XTRM Recharge last Jan. 3, 2012.
    See you on Feb. 24, 2012. The team already got tickets for yoir seminar.

    Take Care and God Bless!

    USANA 1-3-12

  244. Mari

    Hi Sir FJK,

    I would like to thank you for your very inspiring talk during our company’s (Bayan Telecommunications) Leadership Summit. It was such an honor to see you and be able to listen to your words. You made us realize how important life is. But most importantly, you inspired me to try out bungee jumping because I have this highest level of fear of heights. Once again, thank you and more power and God bless you Sir.

  245. Jolena

    Hi Sir Francis,

    You graced our event last Jan.2-4 in WOL in Laguna. . . It was the recharge event of XTRM 1-11. What a way to start the year. I was so inspired by your talk. Can’t wait to hear you again, this time in SMX on Feb.24 πŸ™‚

    I finished reading your book too. I also want to be in the transport business ~_~

  246. Joseph E. OmaΓ±a

    Good day sir Francis. Our School Administrators and Parents are in need of your service. Olivarez College will hold it’s Stress Management Seminar on June 1, 2012 and Parenting Seminar on August 2012 (depends on your availability) and we are inviting you to be our Resource speaker. we greatly believe and inspired by your discipline and experiences. I am very positive that you can enlighten us with your wisdom.

    thank you very much… Idol!!!

  247. Minda Rivera

    hi sir Francis,
    my 20 staffs attended ur recent winning discipline seminar at SMX tnx a lot, your talk made an impact on them. they told me “ang galing daw”.

    this time, ill be hearing you again at the Natcco Assembly on May 25 at Cebu waterfront. and im hoping to have a picture with you and please sign my books which you authored.

    more power & continue to touch peoples life as you had touch mine.

    1. Francis Kong

      by all means Monda. You are so kind. Please do approach me and call my attention this Saturday. It will be a pleasure for me to be with you.
      I am also doing a revised and expanded edition of the same seminar in Cebu at Radisson Hotel in August 4. Just in case some of your other staff would like to attend as well.
      thank you for your kindness.

  248. Ria Leray

    Hi Sir,

    Good afternoon! πŸ™‚

    My brother had a chance attending that Natcco seminar held in Cebu and He’d like to extend his appreciation to your very inspiring talk. Wish I could have that chance also to attend in one of your seminars here in Davao, if there’s any.

    More power to you! God bless


  249. Mac

    Thank you Sir for your wonderful talk about leadership here at AdMU and being an inspiration for all! Listening to you the second time around is a great pleasure. Kudos for you!

  250. Agnes

    Hi…the first time I heard and see you talk way back in 2010 (St. Peter Life Plan National Convention)…I subscribed in your FB page because it really inspired me…Thank you for your inspirational thoughts…keep it up! God bless you always!

  251. Rommel Borja

    Hi, Mr. Kong.

    I attended a company-initiated training program last Saturday, and once again, I was able to share the key points you have in your ” Take some time” article…about task management (instead of time management) and working smart (instead of working hard)…It’s the same piece of paper where I have your autograph when you had a speaking engagement in our company, and which is predominantly displayed in my cubicle..

    Many thanks.

  252. inciong

    hi Sir,
    salamat for the wonderful time you spent with us here at Infant Jesus Academy, San Fernando Pampanga.
    you are too candid to say that you are not an “expert” in parenting… but who cares ?
    we are more than impressed with your “practical approach”.
    i think, my wife and i will believe you more even if there will be an “expert” talking on the same subject πŸ™‚
    the tantrum approach, your guidance on business for Bryan, positive bank deposits are just some of the good things that i will fondly remember.
    maraming salamat po.
    Maligayang Pasko at Malusog na Bagong Taon sa iyong pamilya !

  253. Matt

    Hi Mr.Francis,

    I admire you and the work you do of inspiring and motivating people. Id love to take up the same profession since I was a kid, I want to pursue this dream but I dont know where to start, would you happen to know where I can start? Anyone who does mentoring? Thank you so much sir, more blessings from our Lord πŸ™‚

    1. Francis Kong

      thank you for your kind words. I started by simply teaching a small bible study group and then God just opened doors and i barged into it.
      God’s plan for you may be different so pray that He reveals it to you. God bless you.


    Hello sir,
    Its been years that I followed your columns whenever Im on vacation (OFW) and even made clippings from newspapers {LIVING IN THE HIGHEST c/o BREAD OF LIFE) which i kept until now. Reading your post has encouraged me more to face the challenges ahead and will be of great help as I plan to embark on a business venture and be able to stay here with family for good. I just want to let you know how glad I am that I came to visit your blog by accident as I was reviewing my newspaper clippings and found the blogspot. Maybe I can stop do the clippings.(haha). I hope to attend your seminars in the future. More power and continue to be a blessing to many.

    Thank you!

  255. Matt

    Thanks for your reply sir francis. Your words bring great encouragement! πŸ™‚ may God be always with you

  256. Ina-Tay

    Hello Mr. Kong,

    I’m one of your avid readers and have subscribed to your newsletter for many years now. It was my dad that “introduced” you to me when I was in high school by forcing me to read your books. It hardly made sense to me then but now, that I am a career woman, your take on things have been one of the Lord’s way to remind me of values I need to bring with me. It always comes in handy especially when human nature kicks in and I’m exasperated/discouraged with the realities of being in the workforce.

    Thank you for sharing with all of us your Christian but pragmatic view on things. Your book “Only The Real Matters” has guided me and imparted very important principles which I try to apply everyday. There were times when I’m tempted to conform with the world, go with the flow and do as the Romans do. But these words from your book kept me in check – not technical skills, not education, not work experience, not even a pleasing personality but good old-fashioned INTEGRITY and HONESTY, qualities that the Good Book extols.

    Maraming salamat for being one of my mentors. To sit in one of your talks is on my list of things to do before I’m 35 (two more years to save up) and maybe have you sign my Francis Kong books. πŸ™‚

  257. junjun carballo

    Love your column at the Philippine Star. You have given people something to hope for. Thanks and God bless!

  258. luisa orendain

    Hi Sir Francis. I am looking for a speaker for our company’s sales conference. Where and how can I contact you? Thanks.

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