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If the name Danny Ignacio sounds familiar to you, then he should because Danny is the top honcho of Eton Properties. The moment you meet this person you can sense a warmth in him, unpretentious and gentle, Danny sent me an email one day that carries the following words:

Dear Francis,

Please find attached my graduation speech at La Salle Canlubang yesterday. As you can see, I drew a lot of inspiration from your books, newspapers columns and speeches. Thank you for the opportunity to have met a great person like you.

Best regards,

With his permission, I am featuring his speech because there is such a depth of wisdom and lessons to be learned:

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Tribute to Teachers.¬†This year’s event this afternoon gathered some 6,500 teachers in SMX Convention Center and I was given the privilege to speak to them. Working together with the mime ministry of Christ Commission Fellowship, all of us felt so privileged given the opportunity to inspire the overworked, underpaid, under appreciated educators from all over the country sponsored by Diwa Publishing.

Do you know why teachers grow old prematurely?

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