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Herman Malonzo, his lovely wife Angie and their talented daughter Mariah are good friends of mine. They have a beautiful house and Herman’s got a very stable job. As he took me and my family along the Las Vegas strip during our annual family vacation he shook his head slowly and said, “My friends from the casinos tell me that there have been massive layoffs. And this comes at a time when home mortgages and college loans have to be paid. This will be tragic to many of my Filipino friends who never had a life plan.” Herman’s house is practically paid off, his daughter has straight A’s in school and is working on her musical talent with the Las Vegas Junior Philharmonic Orchestra. Herman looked at me and said, “God has been good to us all these years.”

Today is the continuation of our 2 part material and idea number 6 in our study on building and securing our career is:


Every successful person I know has a well-defined life plan. They know what they want and they set all effort to get it. Forget all those empty promises of so-called “motivational speakers,” forget all those stupid mystical books that promises success without having to work for it. At the end of the day, it is the person with a goal who works hard for it who will get ahead of the dreamers who merely dream great dreams without waking up and doing some work. You and I need to have a life plan. Without a plan, we leave our success in the hands of others who may or may not have time to look after other people’s successes.

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What is the more frightful horror movie or story you recall?

The Night of The Living Dead? The Zombies? Frankenstein Meets Godzilla? These stories and movies are nothing compared to the latest horror flick that is sending chills up the spine of corporate characters. And the title is: “You Are Redundant!” A double feature offered is entitled: “You’re Fired!”

The economic crunch is upon us all and if you belong to the blessed ones who still have a job, you might want to take heed of the following ideas that can build and not bust your career.

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