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Much has been said about time.

It was Ernest Hemingway who said, “Time is the least thing we have of.”

We are now living in a 24/7/365 technology driven era yet we still complain that there’s just too much work with too little time to do it.

Our frustration is only compounded by the numerous unimportant things that steal our minutes and siphon the significance out of our hours. We think of those unnecessary things that take away important moments from us, things like filling our car with gas, getting a haircut, going to the dentist, taking those power suits to the laundry and a dozen time-consuming things that have to be done to keep us from doing things that are more meaningful and fulfilling.

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At the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, the sport of canoe racing was added to the list of international competitions. The favorite team in the four-man canoe race was the United States team. One member of that team was a young man by the name of Bill Havens. As the time for the Olympics neared, it became clear that Bill’s wife would give birth to their first child about the time that the US team would be competing in the Paris games. And so Bill found himself in a dilemma.

Should he go to Paris and risk not being at his wife’s side when their baby was born? Or should he withdraw from the team and remain with his family?

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