1. Authentic Leadership
  2. The Call to Personal Leadership

Other modules:

  • Leading During Difficult Times
  • Dealing with Difficult Times
  • Life’s Winning Points – The well-balanced approach to family, life and career (1-3 hours).
  • Living the Great Life
  • Living the Inspired Life – Talks about the secret to the joy of giving.
  • Maximizing Productivity
  • Winning Attitudes for Success –  good for sales people.
  • Winning Dimensions for Success – The words we say reveal the way we live. Discover the words to use for successful living.
  • Entrepreneurship.

Skills Based Talks:

  • Creative Writing
  • Effective Public Speaking

Other topics:

  • Practical Parenting
  • Money Management
  • Great Expectations – Marriage Enhancement
  • Understanding Men and Women Differences.

For details and inquiries, you may use the contact form
or call the office at: (632) 727.5692 / (632) 727.0291 and look for Rara.

57 thoughts on “Programs

  1. Alex

    Dear Francis,

    Wow at last I found it! Your website is a great help for me from now on, I commit myself to PRAY for you 10mins everyday for God to give you more power AND wisdom. I did really inspired by your money by the book…

  2. rhendall

    Thanks for sharing your time with us at the seminar.
    We learned lots of things especially life lessons that are not taught in the school or at home.
    Actually i heard two best speakers it is you and Chinkee Tan. =)
    May God use you more to help people and to bring them closer to Him.
    God bless =)

  3. Rommel

    Hi Sir Francis,

    I’m Rommel from Iloilo City. I heard you speak for the 1st time in Bacolod I think 2 years ago about Life’s Winning Points and I was greatly blessed! I read some of your books too. By the way, if ever you have another seminar/training within the Visayas area, kindly let me know. My email add: God bless you more sir!

  4. Tess Soribello

    Hi Sir Francis,

    We were really so blessed when you conducted your talks last november 9 & 12 in our office at AFPMBAI. The participants gave positive feedbacks and appreciated our efforts (Training Staff) in inviting you for the 2nd time.We look forward to having you again in our future training activities. I also appreciate very much the book that you gave me. God bless you sir!

  5. Mylvette de Guzman

    I’m one of the fortunate employees of Primal Enterprises Corporation to be given the opportunity to participate your seminar last March 3, 2010 at the SMX entitled the “Culture of Personal Excellence”. Our General Manager instructed me to cut your article on Philippine Star, read it and circulate it in our office. From then on, I became addicted in reading your articles. Very informative and motivating. What I like most is what you told us during the seminar, excellence is really a LIFESTYLE.

  6. hazel espiritu-anonuevo

    hi sir francis,
    I heard u speak during our convention (philippine dental association).I think it was 3-4 years ago…I was really inspired and motivated by ur lectures,all ur ideas are great help.That day, I became your fan that I insisted to buy your book, (Early bird catches the worm), until now I still read the book everytime I feel stressed and depressed.Its really inspiring!
    Every Thursday I see to it that I watch you in Umagang Kay Ganda, and now everyday I read atleast 1 article on your website.Thank u for all your beautiful and inspiring stories,I learned a lot and I’m trying my very best to put those into actions.GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE POWER!You’re such a blessing to everyone.

  7. Jennyfer Sucalit

    Hello! Just like to inquire on the rates should we choose Mr. Kong to be a speaker for an event. It would be a speaking engagement for around 3 hours regarding leadership, sales, with emphasis on motivation. Or do we only choose from the programs above? Awaiting for your immediate response on this please. Thank you very much!

    1. Francis Kong

      thank you for your inquiry. Please do touch base with my associate Ms. Rara through her landlines (7275692 / 7270291) for details.
      thank you for considering me.

  8. angelica guevarra

    Good day! Do you give discounts to low paid employees? Thank you in anticipation

  9. Honey Grace P. Catalan

    Hi! I met Francis Kong and interviewed him for my Morning Show program at abs-cbn when he was here in Bacolod City 2 or three years ago. Aside from tv hosting, i am en entrepreneur working as a bakeshop specialty store operator and event planner. I would love to know of Mr. Kong’s future seminar be it in manila or anywhere in western visayas. thank you.

  10. sally

    I never had a chance to attend seminars than can help me improve my life in every way that it can, but I look forward to attend in your seminars to learn. If there is a free one Im sure you understand my situation. More power to you and God Bless…

  11. Angie Reyes

    Hi Sir
    You are such an awesome trainer. Your talent and wisdom truly came from God, for no man could ever come up with such without help from above.

  12. Bradley

    I just saw your testimony on YouTube (through FB) and saw a few more clips. Very good points and an encouraging testimony! God bless.

  13. Rhoda G. Aso

    Hi S’Francis Kong, you’re such a great speaker. it seems that 1 1/2 hour talk from you is not enough. I’m really inspired by your words. Hope you will have more speaking engagement here in Iligan City. More Power to you sir!

  14. meloy

    Hi sir Francis…

    It was my first time to hear you speak here in Leyte. Thanks for that very inspiring talk. Now, every time I go to the web I always not forget to check this site. It makes me believe more about life…Thanks poh…

  15. amitz

    hi sir francis kong, i was able to attend one of your seminars in leyte. it was moving and really insprirational. i was wondering if you could speak to law students and bring inspiration to them as well. im currently organizing a general assembly this coming june 25…venue will be in cebu. it would really be great if you could come…

  16. joyce guanzon

    its overwhelming to meet great people like you…
    somebody who can touch the heart on every person who listens…
    i can’t believe myself and can’t help to comment that you really move me two step ahead… even 10 step more?
    God has a reason… that is currently my weapon in understanding what life is offering me lately… and for added friends/ acquaintances like yours… thank you very much…! 🙂

  17. Deo Vaflor

    Hi Sir Francis, you’re really amazing! We are truly inspired by your message during our graduation last 2006 at MSU-IIT.

    Continue to inspire others…

    Have a good health as always!

  18. Mischell

    It’s God’s blessing that we have one Mr.Francis Kong here on Earth to be an inspiration to amateur as well as professional business men….Hope you continue in making books for us to read sir.

  19. janet wenceslao francis kong, you are truly awesome…i heard your inspirational talk in our seminar held recently in puerto princesa, was AGIA Annual Convention and it helps us to think positively in our are a true man..i like the way you deliver your topics..and i think it helps us in our daily life..thank you so much..god bless you always

  20. Rolly Sol Cruz

    Francis, I have been blessed to hear you live at Assumption in Antipolo twice already, the first was when my daughter was in grade school and the second was now that she is in high school. I also read The Star because your column matters to me but I just use it as an advance info to your dzfe broadcast in the evening. I always wanted to hear more from you and I agree with the rest that you are the best! You are the king of the trade! Hail the King, King Kong!

  21. Shee

    Hi Sir Francis,I have been blessed to hear and participate in one of your motivational and inspiring talks held in Barcelona a few months ago (Sept 2011 if I can remember).What a shame on my part of not having met or heard u before,sinks!..The very first time I heard your alluring voice,that moment u were on stage and started speaking…U already caught my attention and made me convinced with a positive attitude.I was not used to be sitting and listening to seminars for long hours,’coz I get bored.But in my experience with u,u were still in the introductory part,I felt like didn’t want to miss every single word u say and gesture u make.Since then,I was proud to say,I became your big fan!…U inspired and motivated me rapidly and instantly!…I may not have met u personally but I will always treasure and cherish that special day.
    Now,I would like to collect and read more of your articles and get a copy of your best seller inspirational books every time I go for shop in a bookstore..Furthermore,I look forward in hearing and seeing u again in your future talks here in Spain and sometime soon in Manila when I get home…More power to u Sir and keep inspiring million people with your unbelievable craft in speaking!!!:)

    1. Francis Kong

      Dear Shee,
      Thank you so much for your kindness.
      I really enjoyed my time with you and Barcelona was a wonderful experience for me.
      I plan to feature my books in E-book format and will have them available here in my site.
      Hope you get to enjoy them and find them useful.
      God bless you.

  22. Trisha

    I listened to you a while ago at PMRB. You’re such an inspiration to me. I realize how idle I am. I’m determined to be more productive, to work, work, work and keep moving. Thank you!

  23. Myra

    Hi Sir. I attended the 13th ALS sponsored by Salt and Light. I am truly blessed to have heard your message that day. It was truly inspiring, especially on how you share the truth of afterlife and God’s grace with so much conviction. May the Lord continue to bless you. I am looking forward to attending your parenting seminar at the Araneta this Sept. 🙂

  24. sunshine

    Hi Sir. thanks for sharing lots of things at Adamson University I really hope to see you again, you really inspired me a lot. 🙂 and thanks for sharing your time with us at the seminar.
    We learned lots of things especially life lessons that are not taught in the school or at home.

  25. Eric S. Soriano

    Hi Sir,

    May I request a transcript of your commentary aired on DZFE today–the one about customer service?

    Thank you.

    1. Francis Kong

      Hi there Eric,
      My transcripts are with the station so please do not hesitate to direct your request to Joanne.
      e-mail | mailbox @
      tel | +632 654 0896
      She will be more than happy to help you with it.
      thanks so much for your interest.

      1. Mich Fano

        Hi Mr. Francis! I am always inspired by you! I would like to attend your seminars, too. May I be included in your regular email announcements please? Happy new year and God bless to you and your family! 🙂

        My email add is

        1. francisk

          Hi Mich,
          I will have you included in our company’s regular email announcement. Thank you so much for your interest.

          1. Mich Fano

            Hi Mr. Francis, you’re welcome and thank you!

            I pray that you and your family will have a more blessed year ahead! Please keep inspiring others! God bless.

  26. Ark Clasara

    Hi S’Francis,

    First of, I wanna thank and congratulate you for sharing your life and experiences for Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant. Yes, I am one of the 92+ people seated in front of you, listening to your humble and honest sharing.

    I hope to attend and witness more of your life-sharings. I am humbly requesting if your office can include my email whenever you send-out invitations for your seminars.

    God bless you always and the Ilocana. 🙂 Your such a wonderful wonderful couple.

    I hugged my wife and daughter very tight when I arrived home that day.

  27. Dr. Joy F. Nera

    Hi Sir Francis,

    There is one thing I will always remember because of your Personal Excellence talk yesterday. “If you have predetermined values, it is easier to make a decision.”

    Thank you so much for a very wonderful and meaningful whole-day affair. God bless.

  28. Maya Khristine Malapitan

    Hi Sir Francis,

    Can you also include my email for your office communications whenever you have any upcoming seminars? I am also particularly interested to attend your Effective Public Speaking Seminar.

    Thanks in Advance!


  29. Louise Hyesoo Yu

    Hello Sir, May I have a copy of your programs for this year. I will appreciate if you can give me the location and the cost. I am looking forward to attend to one of your events this year.


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