Bailout, Credit Crunch and Black Friday?

January 1st, 2009

There are terms popularized by the economic meltdown happening in America and likewise in many parts of the world. Bailout. Credit Crunch. Meltdown. Inflation-deflation, implosion-explosion, currency devaluation etc. but the word that my children like seems to be Black Friday. These words do not refer to the Friday of Holy Week. But it does refer to […]

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What a Year!

December 25th, 2008

To say that year 2008 has been a good year for me is an understatement. Year 2008 has been a Great Year! Gave more talks, (the most in my life so far) met new friends (all of them nice and exciting), learned new things. And when you have given a total of 376 talks in […]

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Everybody Loves A Winner… Or Do They Really?

December 18th, 2008

A big corporation recently hired several cannibals. “You are all part of our team now,” said the HR rep during the welcoming briefing. “You get all the usual benefits and you can go to the cafeteria for something to eat, but please don’t eat any of the other employees.” The cannibals promised they would not. […]

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