Developing a Culture of Personal Excellence

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Transcription of the video:

One day a professor in medical school was teaching a very very difficult equation in physics. And one frustrated student stood up and then he said, “What is it all these talk about physics got to do with medicine?” And the professor immediately said “To save lives.” And the student said, “How can studying physics save lives?” And the professor said, “It is to keep idiots like you out of medicine.”

How do we get to be successful? We have to go through the study of disciplines, isn’t it? And there’s no shortcut to success. Discipline is there in order to save people from becoming losers in life.

You know a lot of people are saying, “You know I am trying to be successful.” The time has come for you to stop saying that. You have to start saying, “I am training to be successful.” Go through disciplines. Disciplines are very important. Discipline is in fact the key to get into where you wanna go. And that is one thing that you cannot live without.