Think Time

August 15, 2013


Start this day with a beginner’s mind. Fire up your curiosity. Do not just observe, absorb. Then take the time to process things.
Think time is getting scarce. We are always on auto-mode. Personal excellence begins with reconfiguring the way we think.
Tell me, what is it with you and your work that prevents you from taking time to think?

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  1. Liezel Lopez

    Good Day Sir Francis,

    When I once again checked your site and READ your POST.
    Two Words made me SMILE ( OBSERVE & ABSORB)

    These are one of the few THOUGHTS I can still REMEMBER when I was able to read your BOOK “Being the BEST you can ever BE” last Tuesday. And I did apply it this Early Morning while I’m inside the Running PUJ. Observing other Passengers around and the View.

    After Reading this, it made me thought. Is there anything else I have to learn about Observing and Absorbing?

    And this made me answer the Question as to what prevents me from taking time to think. THINGS TO DO

    Thank you once again ^_^

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