Need to Innovate

January 4, 2014

Any business that does not innovate dies. Business people instinctively know this. Even schools need to innovate and teachers should seek personal growth and development. Students are not machines yet many schools behave like factories. How I wish that even educators would be required to attend business seminars and training. This improves their perspective and quality of teaching. Is this a fair observation? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Gilda

    I agree. Just llike teachers, they hv staff development days. Same thing with nurses nd doctors, licensed personnel, have continuing educations prior to renewals.
    Any sales person, have trainings and updates and whats new.
    If a city or state is not innovative, results to bankruptcies. We hv some already.
    Continuously learning whats new for d century.

    1. francisk

      Thank you Gilda. God bless you.

  2. Ana Henson

    Good point Francis. Not only business trainings and seminars for educators but also etiquette seminars such as basic table manners, verbal and non verball communication. They may appear basic but they are role models for the children they teach.

    I give etiquette seminar to graduating hs students and would like to ring it to the next level and offer them even to educators. Hope you can talk or better yet write about how to start a training business.

    More power.

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