March 11, 2012

The world has lost it’s Moral Reference.

What has replaced morality today is the new or maybe not-so-new term called political correctness.

I was attended a session in a business conference. The famous book author who was speaking opened the session with a claim, “I am a Buddhist.” I do not understand the relevance of that statement to his topic presentation but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

In another session Ken Blanchard, famous author, trainer and speaker had to exert a lot of efforts in explaining why he is of the “Faith” and that he does not intend to use his Christianity to convert anyone.

And then the thought hit me.

One famous author and speaker can be proud in declaring that he is a Buddhist. But Ken Blanchard has to qualify to acknowledge that he is a Christian. This is what happens when we have lost the point of moral reference.

Maybe you are thinking that the issue is about religion? Not exactly. Please allow me to qualify. America has been built by the Bible. This is why there is a huge area of American Land today that is still called the Bible Belt area. But isn’t it a wonder that today public prayer is already prohibited and the 10 Commandments have been removed from Court Houses and there are attempts to remove the words, “In God We Trust” from the Dollar Bill?


I was in my hotel dressing up preparing myself for the training session. There was an interview happening in an American TV program. The wife secretly poses herself in the nude and does Web Sex without the knowledge of her husband. During the interview the husband was obviously surprised.

When asked why she is doing this, “She said I love to do this and I also get to make a few bucks in between.”

Husband asked; “Is there any physical contact with any man?”

The wife shook her head and said, “Absolutely not.”

Husband says, “Who am I to stand in between my wife and what makes her happy?”

And the audience broke up in “aaaahhhh!” And applauded the husband. Why in the eyes of the audience the husband is a hero. He is understanding and he shows his love for his wife in spite of the fact that she does porno acts in front of a web cam.

(Here is a Question I would like to ask. Would you and I applaud our children or daughters for doing the same thing? Just to do things that make them happy?)

America has lost it.

There is absolutely no point of reference that porno is wrong.

What is all this about? Is everything all about being happy?

Some people I know do stupid things and they are happy too….

But why is porno wrong?

Now the question becomes hard to answer is it not?

But when you have a moral reference then the answer becomes pretty obvious.

“Because you and I are image bearers of God. A body given to us as His Temple.”

And so we take care of it because we value it. It’s not some cheap device you show off to everyone and earn money from it.

What makes this different now from selling one’s body for physical pleasure? Not much difference right?

Let The Scriptures serve as the main point of reference and let it’s Author be the Final Authority for indeed He is. Then we do not experience happiness, which is so shallow and is so dependent on happenings. We experience true joy that can only come from Him.

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  1. Dan

    It is a temporary and shallow happiness. I would not even categorize it as happiness.

    God bless Mr. Francis! =)

  2. ruperto nambio

    I see clearly your point of what is/was happening with America—there is moral
    decline in every aspect of personal and social life of the american people at large. Lately, greed pervasively conquers the Wall Street topdogs businesses that leads
    to the downsizing of their economy. About the Philippines, the dominant player of
    forever moral decay is the IDOLATRY THAT CONTROLS THE NINETY PERCENT
    of our population. Thanks to some honest mentors/pastors/teachers who are
    sharing the right path to God. But I wonder when will be the day, the Philippines
    will experience atleast like of America or Japan or China?

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