A Valuable Currency

September 4, 2013

Here is the CURRENCY of personal excellence: TRUST
I have heard experts say: “Trust is the currency in the Internet.” The truth is trust should be the currency everywhere?
I have always taught my kids this principe: “Be willing to live with an honest peso than to live with a dishonest one million!” Never break the trust of people. If you do, you may have temporarily gained, but you will lose more. Not just opportunities but something inside the person weakens…..” And that is not replaceable with money.

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  1. genny

    you’ve always been my favorite writer Mr. Kong. 🙂 always had your newspaper article cut so I could keep it in a box..:) Continue to be an inspiration.

    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you so much Genny. I am currently working on a compilation of the materials into book form. Will announce when it would be possible. thank you.

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