Failures want pleasing methods, successes want pleasing results.
The person with results do not need excuses. The person without results need a lot of reasons….reasons why they cannot produce results.
What are the usual reasons you hear people use when they cannot produce results? I am doing a compilation for my seminars.

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  1. Patrick

    Hi Francis, thanks for sharing this wisdom. It struck me deep since I’ve realized that I’ve been making up reasons for my lack of results. Most of my reasons are usually – because other people don’t support my goals, or because bad things happen to me, or because things are so hard, or because my current job is stopping me from getting to my goals. Bottom line is I was blaming things that were not under my control. Your post made me realize that the problem was actually me and there are things I need to change in me in order to achieve my goals. Thanks! 🙂

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