As the year comes to a close, there are bridges we must cross and there are bridges we must burn. Ask God to give us the wisdom to know which is which.
Burn the bridges of bad influences and bad habits. Cross the bridges of labor and discipline to be more productive for service. Love God, love family, serve the community and country as this brings in joy and fulfillment.
Have you considered which bridges to cross and which ones to burn? The process is not easy but necessary.

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    Dear Francis and Team,

    Thank you for a year of inspiration, encouragement and timely blogs. Your short but direct entries are very good ways of starting the day and keeping our feet on the ground always. May God continue to use you and your team to make changes in people’s lives.

    A blessed New Year!

  2. ace

    May the new year bring you more avenues to inspire more and more people. Your entries have always been spot on. It’s like you can read people’s minds and suddenly we read your words of encouragement. I’m a fan:) hope to attend your talks in the coming year. Happy new year:)

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