I have the best “pick-up line” for single men and here it is: “I’ve got a job!”
My most important advice to my two daughters:
“Never make the mistake of falling for cute looking guys who are irresponsible. You will regret this for the rest of your life!
Do you agree with this line of thought?

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  1. Amircar "Micky"

    Hello brother Francis! I have been following you for quite sometime and over an extended period of time have enjoyed all of your posts. Quite frankly, I often refered you to my friends as the “John Maxwell of the Philippines”…lol! I greatly appreciate you and the work you have been doing on behalf of your people at your nation and around the world. Your most recent post has created quite a stir in me. It created a stir in me because not every man that is unemployed is “irresponsible”. I have had the privilege of being brought up with old fashion family values where hard work early on in life could provide me and my family the opportunity to live out the “American Dream”. I was blessed with employment until February 2010 when I was officially diagnosed with a very rare medical disorder called “Essential Tremors”. I have since been unemployed and been living on government assistance. By God’s grace I have since had opportunities to meet many wonderful Christian women that have come to understand my situation without tagging me as someone who’s “irresponsible”. Granted, in the fallen world that we live in, the are many men out there who are “irresponsible” and have chosen to live out their lives that way. With that said, do I agree with your line of thought? Yes and no. Yes from the perspective that it’s extremely important that the parents protect their children (daughter and/or son). No from the perspective that it’s also extremely important that the parents filter any single men in the case of your daughters without first coming to the conclusion to the “why” that single man is without work. On a more personal note, I totally understand the value of having a job when it involves meeting a potential life partner. That is why I chose to remain single until the day that my financial situation changes. God bless you and your family always! I look forward to more insightful in the days, weeks, months, and years to come as God enables you to do so!…:-)

    1. Francis Kong

      Very well said Micky and this means you are responsible because you realize the importance of being productive. Not so much with many men I know in this place of the world though….
      thank you for your thoughts and reminder.
      God bless you.
      By the way, our company in the Philippines represent the Dr. John Maxwell Leadership Training Programs and again you are on the dot and very perceptive.

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