“What’s the difference between crime and politics?”
In crime, you take the money and run………
I hope that this time, the elected officials will be people of honor and integrity and most importantly, people who genuinely love our country don’t you? I do.

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  1. Ellen


    We still have the old guys of politics in the country’s political arena. As long as they’re there, change will drag. As what my best friend says (with a smirk).. ‘You can’t teach a political old dog new tricks. Not easy to nudge this person off his comfort zone and try something new for the country’s sake or progress. But he will for his own benefit.’ Not nice but that’s his opinion.

    Yet I still believe that the few good ones are in there somewhere… overshadowed, overruled, overpowered, outnumbered. This same friend says I am wrong. But then ‘hope springs eternal’. I do hope they persevere.


    I found your site while cruising down facebook. Glad that I did. May I quote you in my blog in a piece or two I would be writing? Please let me know in email. Thank you.

    Have a lovely and blessed day.


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