I am unique. You are unique. There are no two identical petals, no two identical leaves. You can go all over the world and you will never find someone who is exactly like you. Why?
Because God is merciful. Just to have one of you is more than enough. 🙂
And this is why we should never ENVY another. Envy is dumb and stupid. It is self-destructive. Learn to celebrate other’s success.

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  1. Bryan Tan

    Hi Francis Kong,

    I’ve went to your seminar last Feb 24, 2012, but I was kinda dissapointed. I only receive 1hour talk from you. Me and my friends exit early in the seminar. we feel somewhat bored in the seminar.

    1. Francis Kong

      I am sorry about that but I actually came back and spoke after all the speakers were done. All the speakers were fantastic and had you stayed behind to listen to Butch you would have been impressed.
      Thank you for calling my attention and perhaps we should inform the people that I still have a part towards the end of the day. thanks for writing me.

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