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(This was published in my column of the Business Page in The Philippine Star some time ago. The mountain top experience I had, the opportunity to speak and interact with the people in that place certainly has inspired me to become a better person. This is why I would like to share this with you. Hoping that this would inspire you too. I am sure you have your own defining moments that inspired you to become a better person. Better at your work, better being a parent or child or better a citizen of this country. You might want to tell me about it too.)

One day a little girl was visiting Sunday school when her teacher asked to which religion or denomination her relatives belonged. “Is it Catholic, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians OR Seventh-day Adventists?”

The little girl replied, “I think they are six-day atheists.”

Many people I know have become nominal Christians and practicing atheists and they can be found in the work place. They don’t want this to happen but somehow it does. The pressures of the city and the demands of work have made life difficult and developed a sense of cynicism in them.

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