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One time the boss became upset and talked to his secretary.

Boss says: Every time I want you, you’re on the phone, Miss Gonzales!

Secretary says: They were all business calls, sir.

“Oh really?” says the boss. “Well, in the future don’t address my clients as darling.”…. oops!

In another office the boss was giving the secretary some very important instructions.

Boss: If Mr. Santos comes into the office today, tell him I’m out.

Secretary: Yes, sir, anything else?

Boss: Yes. And don’t look too busy when he shows up or he’ll know you’re lying.

Secretaries. How can bosses and leaders like me survive our career without them?

It is to my loss that I will miss speaking in this year’s National Convention of the Philippine Associations of Secretaries. Hands tied due to other commitments. But I distinctly remember getting to meet so many lovely people when I spoke to the same group some years ago. Many of them have become my friends to this day. Interesting personalities. All faithful in protecting their bosses. Overworked, underpaid? Maybe but one thing is obvious. Many of them are not given enough credit and recognition for their crucial roles in the work place. Despite this they wear a smile on their face and carry a grim determination in their heart to make their bosses succeed, secretaries are the heroes in the work place.

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