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After a speaking in rainy Boracay, nursing a fever, rushing home. Sleeping for a couple of hours then rushing to Zamboanga to do 2 talks in a day, i was so tired but as usual… happy and fulfilled both by the warmth and hospitality of the people receiving me and the kind and encouraging words of the participants who told me how much the talks have a positive impact on their lives… I came home to Manila this morning to be greeted by a wonderful email from my friend Heinz of The Learning Curve event organizers informing me that the targtet of 300 people is about to be filled up! Only a few seats are left and this is wonderful news! What I am referring to is the forthcoming public seminar I will be doing with the celebrated Chinkee Tan entitled “Developing A Millionaire’s Mindset.” This will be on October 16, 2008 – 1:30pm to 5:30pm at EDSA Shang-La Hotel.  If you are interested to secure a seat, you may want to get more information by clicking in to www.iluvlearning.com or call 9964610.

It would be a pleasure to see you there!


Here’s the PowerPoint File from my talk (segment) during the event.