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Fighting depression? It’s hard to face it alone.

Let’s look at tip number 8.


In our leadership training programs we stress the importance of having a mentor or the need to be mentoring someone. I am fortunate to be in the company of successful business people and we meet once every week, sharing ideas, praying for each other and as we find ourselves accountable to each other we are. Friendship is the greatest support system in the world. Make sure you have friends who are firm and honest enough to tell you not just the things you want to hear but the things you need to hear. My friends keep me on track. They share my burdens and they celebrate my victories. It’s a great depression buster just to have people there for you when you need it most.

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And so you are depressed. Who wouldn’t be?

If you claim to be a person who is never depressed then you may be fooling yourself.

I will never forget talking to a leader of an institution who claims he is never depressed. I asked him why and I asked him how he deals with it. He says, “I do not know what depression is because I always come to God in prayer.”

Wow! I said to myself. This loser is better than David, Elijah, Peter and Paul in the Bible. He thinks he’s superman and now he has made me depressed!

No one is exempted from depression.

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*Continued from Part 1 of “12 Ways to Fight Depression”

How do you fight depression?

Here are some more depression busters.


What motivates you? What brings a sparkle to your eyes? Ka-Cheng-Ka-cheng if it’s the Peso sign that is not a sparkle. You will be at your best when you are working within your strength zone. You will be at your poorest or at best, average if you force yourself to work within your weak spot.

You need to know what your weak spots are.

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