September 30th, 2012

A man lay on his deathbed, harassed by fear because he had harbored hatred against another. He sent for the individual with whom he had had a disagreement years before; he then made overtures of peace. The two of them shook hands in friendship. But as the visitor left the room, the sick man roused […]

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September 29th, 2012

What a blessing to see so many executives and their wives attending the CCF marriage conference here in Baguio Country Club. Can’t wait to start speaking on my favorite subject matter.

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September 28th, 2012

Teenage pregnancies in this country is now second highest through South East Asia? Isn’t this shocking? Now this is one thing that is not “More Fun” in the Philippines. Many young people mistake sex for love. When the love from the parents is full, then they don’t need to look for it somewhere else. Invest […]

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