2 Lines

November 7th, 2017

There are two “lines” that merit our careful consideration. The starting line and the finish line. Starting something is easy and most manage that part just fine. Finishing well is more challenging but an important responsibility. Anyone can commit to do something but it takes a committed person to actually get it done. Faithfulness can’t […]

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Respect Required

November 6th, 2017

Respect and courtesy are requirements for effective communications. People are stressed and many are angry. Choose words carefully. Don’t cuss, don’t curse. Learn to discuss things respectfully and argue intelligently. At the end of the day, winning an argument may give you a feeling of momentary victory but losing the respect of the person cost […]

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Choose To Be Cool

November 5th, 2017

Too many holidays. Too many things to do and there is the constant need to catch up on many things. So be careful. Choose correctly. We can choose to frantically do all the stuff, get stressed and be overwhelmed or we can choose to keep our cool, pace ourselves and do the important thing first […]

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