No Bragging

July 27th, 2017

Do not brag. Do not boast. There are many people who are heroes in the stories they tell but this does not add value to their doing and being. Our moves, actions, behaviour and results should always be more than our announcements. This is the only way we build credibility. #PassionPurposeProductivity

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Do Not Push

July 26th, 2017

Some times relationships do not work because the person who was hurt before uses the pain to hurt the one he or she is in now. Here’s the key. Do not push the person in front of you because of the mistakes done by the person behind you. You need to let go and let […]

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Losing Game

July 25th, 2017

Sometimes we enter a game we could never win. This game is talking sense with an insensible person. The wise and only way to deal with a toxic person is not to play the game he or she has been so good at. These experts will beat you all the time. So make use of […]

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